Young Adults with Raised BP may Have Increased Risk of Later Heart Problems

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Young adults with elevated blood pressure (hypertension) might have a slightly raised risk of heart diseases such as coronary heart disease, stroke in later life, reports a new study. The findings of the study are published in The BMJ.

But the experts stress that the absolute risk is low. Because the evidence for blood pressure-lowering therapy in young adults is limited, active interventions should be cautious, they say.

‘Young adults with elevated blood pressure might have a slightly increased risk of cardiovascular events in later life.’

The link between hypertension and heart disease risk has long been recognized, but most researches have included only middle-aged or older people.

Yet hypertension levels among young adults have been growing in recent years, so further study is needed to assess cardiovascular events’ future risk in young adults with high blood pressure.

The risk of cardiovascular events in adults aged 18-45 with increased blood pressure was investigated by researchers in China.

The results show a graded, progressive relationship between blood pressure categories and raised risk of cardiovascular events.

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