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Saurabh Dewan, Development Researcher, TSA, said, “Chambal conservation project initiated in 2006, jointly with the Uttar Pradesh Forest Department is one of the flagship projects that is focused on two of the most threatened fresh-water turtles of the country – red-crowned roofed turtle and the three-striped roofed turtle, protecting around three hundred nests of the two species around Chambal every year.”

Diminishing Freshwater Turtle Population

Dr. Arunima Singh, Project Officer, TSA India, added that “These nests are guarded in 24X7 manned river-side hatcheries, and the hatchlings are immediately released at the natal sites from where the nests are recorded, in a measure to minimize depredation of eggs and long-term population supplementation.”

“We are committed to the cause of sustainability to people, planet, and society. We thus see this as an opportunity for us to give it back to the society and environment,” Rupam Deb, Brand Manager of Turtle Ltd. said.

The TSA India Programme is managed by Indian conservation biologists, scientists, and researchers and seeks local solutions to saving turtles. TSA is carrying out conservation of turtles in five places across India: West Bengal, Terai and Chambal regions in Uttar Pradesh, Northeast India and South India.

Source: IANS

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