World Obesity Day 2022: “Everybody Needs to Act”

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Obesity is a metabolic condition that involves abnormal or excessive accumulation of body fat that may pose negative health effects.

Body mass index (BMI — person’s weight in kilograms divided by the square of his height in meters (kg/m2)) is generally used to classify overweight and obesity.

A BMI value greater than or equal to 25 is regarded as overweight and that greater or equal to 30 is referred to as obesity as per the WHO (World Health Organization).

Burden of Obesity

Nearly 21% of women and 19% of men were found to be overweight or obese (BMI ≥ 25.0 kg/m2) as per NFHS-4 (National Family Health Survey India-4, 2015-16). Moreover, childhood obesity is estimated to rise by 60% over the next decade, thereby affecting 250 million children by 2030.

Obesity if untreated, may present as a risk factor for various cardiovascular and non-communicable diseases like diabetes, heart attack, stroke, and even cancers.

Hence, it is vital for governments, health services, and the public to focus on cost-effective measures for the management, treatment, and prevention of obesity. The World Health Organization has set to achieve a 25% relative reduction in mortality from NCDs by halting the rise in obesity by 2025.

The History of World Obesity Day

The World Obesity Federation (professional member committee of the medical, scientific, and research that is in close collaboration with WHO and Lancet Commission) had first established the World Obesity Day as an annual campaign in 2015.

Initially, it was celebrated on October 11 every year. However, from 2020, the date was changed to March 4.

The global event’s mission remains to initiate worldwide efforts for reducing, treating, and preventing obesity.

The 2022 Theme

This year’s 2022 theme for World Obesity Day is ‘Everybody Needs to Act’.

The day is designated to promote awareness on the burden and impact of obesity and collective- life-altering measures to be taken at the local, national, and global levels. This may help build a better healthier society.

Objectives of World Obesity Day

The objectives of World Obesity Day are:

Foster a better understanding of hurdles in preventing obesity and thereby formulate ways to overcome it.

Halt the rise in obesity by 2025 by encouraging governments to take urgent action.

Spread the best practices and global campaigning experiences concerning obesity.

Develop collaborative ventures from member associations and supporters against the obesity-related issue.

Prevent Obesity!

One may take initiatives to prevent obesity on this global day:

Spreading awareness and knowledge on obesity through posters, global meet, campaigns, social media, and other activities.

Understand the challenges against obesity for better management.

Alter your diet habits in case of overweight or obesity. It is advisable to consult your doctor before hopping on to change.

Consume a minimum of five to six fruits and vegetable servings every day; avoid processed foods.

Practice daily exercise routine or engage in physical activity; avoid a sedentary lifestyle.

Watch out for your calories intake to balance out.

Stand against the stigma — abuse or discrimination of obesity!

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