World Leprosy Day 2022 — United for Dignity

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and treated in the early stages. If left untreated, it can cause progressive and permanent damage to the skin, nerves, limbs, and eyes.

According to WHO, 129,389 cases of leprosy were on treatment, and the prevalence rate corresponds to 16.7 per million population by the end of 2020.

The COVID 19 pandemic has disrupted program implementation and reduced the new case detection by 37%. Each and every year, there are about 200,000 million people living with the damaging consequences of delayed leprosy treatment.

Importance of World Leprosy Day

WLD was developed to advocate equal treatment to all people affected by leprosy and to educate the public about leprosy by correcting historical misconceptions surrounding the disease. It is also creating an opportunity to raise money to end leprosy transmission.

The theme for 2022 is ‘United for Dignity’ to honor the people living with leprosy by sharing their empowering stories and advocating for them to live a dignified life free from disease-related stigma.

How it is Celebrated?

The day is marked in both countries with and without leprosy by churches, NGOs, and leprosy champions to raise awareness that leprosy still exists and is still ruining lives.

Communities and people affected by leprosy come together and host events that are aimed at reducing leprosy stigma and raising awareness of the disease. In many countries, there is also good engagement from governments, who celebrate the day through ministers and events. Due to COVID-19, many events are organized virtually.

Use hashtags#United4Dignity,#WorldLeprosyDay,#EndStigma,and #ZeroDiscrimination in social media to show your support for the WLD campaign.

The international community advocates for the rights of people who have experienced Hansen’s disease, and you can join in this work to combat the medical and social implications of this neglected tropical disease.


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