World Cup Cricket Finals-Psychology of Betting

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India and Sri Lanka want to take home the cup to honor their retiring legends
Sachin Tendulkar and Muthiah Muralidharan respectively although it still
remains to be seen as to who will win!

Concurrently, on par
with the action on the sports field, the underground betting syndicate is abuzz
with excitement on the India-Sri Lanka cricket World Cup final in Mumbai today.

A whopping sum of Rs
50,000 crore (over $11 billion) is at stake over the final take-on between the
Asian neighbors.

If the interest shown
by the punters are to be taken seriously, India are a clear favorites at 46
paise, as opposed to Sri Lanka’s Rs 1.38. In other words, if a person bets one
rupee on India and it wins, that person gets his rupee back along with 46
paise. On the other hand, if he bets one rupee on Sri Lanka, and it wins, the
person gets back a much bigger amount of Rs 2.38.

Betting had apparently
reached an all-time high when India beat Pakistan in the semifinal match at
Mohali on Wednesday and found her way into the finals.

The bookies have also
placed their bet on an Indian player hitting a ton during the final at 78
paise. Sachin is obviously the safest bet to hit half a ton. The amount could
hike substantially depending on the team that wins the toss and elects to bat.

Sports betting
is more than just placing a bet and hoping fervently that lady luck favors you.
It is clearly a thinking man’s game and requires clever maneuvers if only to
avoid contributing to the bookies pocket.

 Sports Betting is akin to shark-infested
waters and it is important for a Better to be well informed.

plays a huge role in sports betting as public perception plays a huge role. The
betters urge the public to see two teams as equals and influences the public’s view of an outcome as opposed to the real
outcome. Based on their information regarding a team the odds makers can use
two sets of numbers against the betters all through the day and in the
meanwhile make a lot of money.

can be very addictive; it is important for the Better to comprehend the
difference between what should happen
and what can happen.

If a
person is going through a winning spree it is important not be carried away and
change tactics based on the win, for after all the spree may not last very
long. Alternatively, it is important not to lose heart when losing and also not
to bet beyond one’s means.

teams should, in reality, beat the bad ones. But it is necessary to understand
that it can work both ways and prepare your mind for it. It is also important
to stay neutral all through, not be biased and be easy on emotions.

all it’s the best team that HAS to win…!

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