White Discharge Before Period

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What Does White Discharge Before Periods Mean? Know From Expert

Women experience a variety of health problems and not everything is related to pregnancy. Menstruation cycle is a big part of women’s life and there are many possible complications that can happen because of this situation. Women experience pain, cramps, bleeding and discharge during their periods. But did you know about white discharge that occurs before your period cycle starts. This happens to number of women just a day or two before their regular periods and it can have an effect on their health. Different color and timing of discharge seem to have relevance in different scenarios and therefore it should not be neglected. Here are few reasons of white discharge in women just before getting periods.  

What is the white discharge before period? 

We spoke to a gynecologist to have expert opinion and understand the condition of women having white discharge before getting their periods. Dr. Shikha Dubey, Senior Gynecologist and consultant in Ivory Hospital, Greater Noida said that this type of discharge is called leukorrhea. It is a fluid which is filled with cells and it sheds from the vagina, it might be slightly yellowish in color at times. This menstrual cycle is called luteal phase, in this the hormone progesterone goes at very high levels in the body. Due to this there is this discharge just before getting periods. This white discharge in women is usually sticky, clear and watery in nature.  


White discharge effects on women 

Some of the women take this as a way to track their fertility. It marks the fertility of women and doctors also ask about it when couples come for planning their baby. This is a type of mucus that actually does not cause any harm to the body rather acts like an indicator to determine your fertility issues and ovulation process. The thick white discharge before periods commit to a healthy mother and is used to lubricate the vagina that helps in the ovulation process to occur.  

This white discharge does not even cause pain, itching, redness or problems during urination in this process that are considered to be complications of white discharge. It is a healthy process and you may not fear or get anxious if you are getting it. Talk to a gynecologist for expert opinion. 

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What Causes White Discharge? 

White Discharge can be caused because of the following causes, it includes- 

1. Normal menstrual discharge functions

One of the most common reasons for having white discharge in women can be because of usual part of menstrual cycle. In general cases this menstrual discharge happens in almost all women who have high levels of progesterone level. The clean white discharge lubricates the vagina and brings the signs of healthy ovulation process in the body. 

2. Birth Control 

In case of birth control, it might not be a very healthy sign. However, birth control pills elevate the hormonal levels and that leads to this white discharge in people. This comes as a side-effect of using birth control. But it does not harm your body as such therefore it is fine. 

3. Pregnancy 

Discharge before you are expecting to get your periods could be signs of pregnancy. If the periods are getting delayed and there is constant white discharge from the vagina that is getting thicker, then it means that you could be pregnant. It can be determined if the discharge becomes yellowish in color or becomes thick with time.


4. Sexually transmitted diseases 

The problem comes when the white discharge is accompanied with foul smell or the color changes. This could be because of sexually transmitted diseases that occur to women because of having unprotected sex. STI or STD such as gonorrhea, chlamydia, can be the cause of white discharge. It could also lead to certain complications if precautions are not taken within time.

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5. Yeast infection 

White discharge is commonly linked to yeast infection and other types of vaginal infection in the body. Use of antibiotics increase the risk of getting a vaginal infection. Yeast infection get a distant white thick discharge that causes more of a cottage cheese texture. Discharge coming out of vagina before periods can be caused because of this reason. It will also have burning pain and itching along with it in the vagina and pelvic region.

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