What order do you apply your makeup in?

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After applying my face and eye primers, I go in with either foundation or BB cream, then apply browbone shadow, do brows so that I have a good framework for my eyeshadows. Next up is always eyeshadow, tightliner, winged liner, possibly a lower lashline liner that’s colorful or neutral, curl lashes, add mascara. Then I go to the rest of my face. First concealer where needed, set it with RCMA No Color powder using the damp sponge I used for my foundation and concealer, then use a dusting of my Hourglass Dim Light Ambient Lighting Powder or WnW Reserve Your Cabana, depending on time of year, followed with bronzer, blush, highlighter. Finally, I wipe off any lip balm I may have applied at the start, apply lip primer if needed, lipliner if needed (usually do!), then whatever lip color I’ve chosen for the day (or evening), could be just gloss or lipstick or both.

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