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The type of your hairline can reveal much about your thinking ability, wisdom, and personality. Isn’t it amazing?

Though metoposcopy generally covers the study of human beings from the lines and shapes of their foreheads, you don’t need an expert to tell you what your hairline type says about you.

This article will cover a perfect guide to making you understand what your hairline says about your personality.

1. Rounded hairline

 Rounded hairline makes it clear that you are kind-hearted, responsible, and motivated.

These kinds of people often get help from others and enjoy both happiness and longevity. They also earn a social position and absolute wealth.

Men with rounded hairline are good-tempered, whereas women with rounded hairline are tough and independent. Women with rounded hairlines tend to remain single for their whole life and try to become the iron lady!

2. M shaped hairline

This type of hairline is peculiar to men. The people who have this type of hairline are versatile, successful, well known. They can bear hardships and build up from nothing.

It is seen that the broader the arcs on both sides, the more promising you are with excellent planning ability, whereas the ones with narrow arches can work as imitators rather than creative artists.

Women with M-shaped hairline face troubles in love and marriage. If you have a lower hairline, then you can get a greater incidence of happiness.

3. Widow’s Peak hairline

It is similar to M shaped hairline, but the two sides are not that high and broad, and the central part is a bit pointed.

According to The Beautyholic’s article on different hairline types, people having this hairline are short-tempered, emulative, curious, brave, determined, and persistent. They have to struggle constantly to lead a well-off life. 

4. Zigzag or uneven hairline

Zigzag hairline features a low hairline, which often looks like the letter W. Men having this type of hairline often eat one’s head off. A woman having a zigzag hairline might find trouble in marriage.

5. Straight and Square hairline

People having straight, well, neat hairline and raised part between eyebrow tail and hairline are generally smart, intelligent, well planned, down to earth, and responsible. They also have business dealing ability and good luck in their career. 

Women having square hairline are competent, thus suitable for a career. Men having this type of hairline can become the backbone of a company and society.

6. Low and narrow hairline

People with narrow and low hairline are born stubborn and lazy and have low good prospects in life. They generally have weak relations with relatives and fewer blessings in life.

7. High and Broad hairline

People having such type of hairline are smart, talented, and highly adaptable. They have excellent thinking ability and can succeed in every field. People with high hairline are generally irritable and in a state of anger and anxiety.

Thus, after reading this article, you will definitely get a sure idea about your personality and wisdom according to your hairline type! 

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