Wearing A Coronavirus Helmet, Vizag’s Durga Prasad Raised Awareness On COVID

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Healthcare Heroes Awards 2022 : Wearing A Coronavirus Helmet, Vizag's Durga Prasad Raised Awareness On COVID

Who: B Durga Prasad

Category: Distress Warrior

What: Raised awareness on COVID-19 in Vizag, Andhra Pradesh

Why: For raising COVID awareness in Vizag, Andhra Pradesh

It’s safe to say that the COVID-19 pandemic threw humans off guard. Not only we failed to anticipate and prepare for a pandemic, but we all also had to make major changes in our lives to adjust to the new normal. Wearing a mask, practicing social distancing, and maintaining hand hygiene were what were needed to steer clear of COVID. Although the government, NGOs, media, etc, did their part to spread awareness, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration that not everyone in India followed these completely. However, to make sure that people followed the COVID-appropriate norms, many people came forward to spread awareness. One such person was B Durga Prasad, a 42-year-old aluminum worker in Vizag, Andhra Pradesh. During the second COVID wave last year, Prasad, wearing a helmet resembling the COVID virus, rode his bike every day for 50 km spreading awareness regarding the deadly disease.

For his efforts to prevent COVID spread, Onlymyhealth nominates Vizag’s ‘virus man’ B Durga Prasad to our ‘Healthcare Heroes Awards 2022’. He is nominated in the ‘Distress Warrior’ category. This is his story:

How It All Started

Speaking to a leading media outlet, Prasad said that when her aunt died of COVID, he realized the importance of taking precautions. Not just following the COVID-appropriate norms himself, he decided to raise awareness among people to protect them from infection.

B Durga Prasad

So, from 8 am every morning, Prasad rode his bike for 50 km, covering different parts of the city. To get spotted easily, he wore a virus helmet that is a red helmet with virus spikes on it. He did that to identify himself as a virus. As he rode across the city, he played his self-recorded messages on COVID norms, such as “wear your mask, practice social distancing and maintain hand hygiene.” In his experience, people grew cautious as he rode near them and started following COVID norms.

It was not all. He also distributed masks among those who didn’t wear one. Speaking to a leading media house, Prasad said, during his three to four hours of ride, he could spot at least 15-20 people without masks. As he stopped to give them one, many used to get irritated that it was none of his business. However, he still tried to educate them and was sometimes successful sometimes not. As he distributed masks, he also conveyed to them why it was important to wear a mask against COVID-19 and how it protected against the deadly virus. 

COVID pandemic, especially the second wave, has been a tough time. There might not have been a single lucky person who didn’t witness pain, suffering, or even distress. At a time when the virus was wreaking havoc on mankind, some people came forward to reinstate our faith in humanity. There were people who selflessly did their bid for society to protect them from the deadly virus. 

And B Durga Prasad is one such person who did all in his capacity to raise awareness on COVID. And for his efforts. Onlymyhealth gives him a big shoutout. If you too want his efforts to be recognised, then do not miss out on this opportunity and go vote for him.

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