Tweaking Fermented Milk Can Help Reduce Hypertension

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Evidence has shown that gut microbiota may also play a role in the development of hypertension. Gut dysbiosis (decrease in richness and diversity of gut microbiota) has been linked to different metabolic diseases.

Belinda Vallejo-Cordoba, author, states, “Several studies have indicated that fermented milks may positively affect gut microbiota or provide antihypertensive effects. However, few studies have shown a link between the antihypertensive effect of fermented milks and induced microbial balance (or eubiosis). Remarkably, the antihypertensive effect has been attributed mainly to ACEI peptides, and few studies have attributed this effect to gut modulation.”

She explains that since evidence shows that antihypertensive fermented milks like probiotics, bioactive peptides, and exopolysaccharides may modulate gut microbiota, there is potential for the development of tailor-made fermented milks with gut microbiota modulation and blood pressure-lowering effects.

Researchers state further research is needed to better understand the antihypertensive effects of fermented milks.

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