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It’s summertime and you know what that means. Your hair is going to go through some serious struggles.

Between dry heat, humidity, chlorine, saltwater, and everything else that you put your poor hair through, it might start to suffer. That’s why good hair care is so important during these balmy summer months!

If you’re struggling with limp locks, frizzy facial fur, or shine-free strands, we’re here to help. Keep reading to learn how to get silky smooth hair during the summer with these tips.

1. Know Your Hair Type

So what kind of hair are you working with? 

When it comes to facial hair, you don’t have too much to think about here. Most of it is more coarse and smooth than the hair that you have on your head, so the type doesn’t matter so much. 

When it comes to your head hair, though, there are some major differences between types.

First, consider the thickness. There are two factors that go into overall hair thickness. The first is the thickness of each individual strand and the second is the amount of hair that you have on your head.

People with very thick and full hair will need to work more on reducing volume while people with thin hair want to maintain volume. People with thin hair may also need to pay more attention to washing their hair as it may get weighed down with grease or products. 

You should also consider your hair texture. While we often think of hair texture as it applies to women, people of all genders who want luscious locks should know what they’re working with.

From straight to coiled, learn your hair texture to know what to do next.

2. Research Your Products

How much thought do you put into your hair products? 

One of our most important hair care tips is to read the labels on everything that you use. Not every product is going to work for every hair type!

When it comes to the hair on your head, it’s important that you avoid anything too harsh. While sulfates are sometimes appropriate (more on that later), sulfate-free shampoo is best for hair that feels too dry. 

You may also want to avoid anything that will cause buildup on your scalp, like heavy silicones. 

When it comes to your facial hair, products still matter. You may notice that your beard gets dry, frizzy, and dull during the summer. Most men don’t stye their beards, but you can!

Treat your beard like you treat your hair with some serious Viking Hair Care products. They’ll make a huge difference in the texture, shine, and definition of your hair. 

3. Avoid Heating Tools

So many of us like to style our hair with hot tools like curlers and straighteners, but did you know that you’re causing damage? 

It’s true. Using hot tools, especially on sweet hair, can cause your hair to burn, break, and dry out. Even with careful use, you’re putting your hair at risk.

The occasional heating tool is no big deal, but you shouldn’t use them for day-to-day hair care. Instead of using a hot curler, consider heatless options. Let your hair stay wavy instead of using a straightener.

If you must, you can use a blowdryer on low heat with a round brush to straighten your hair. There are plenty of creative heat-free styles on the internet for people of all genders, so try one out!

4. Wash After Swimming

This might seem obvious, but it’s important that you wash your hair when you’re done swimming for the day.

You can wait until nighttime, but leaving salt and chlorine in your hair can damage it and dry it out. While salty waves look beachy and cool, they’ll result in dull and shine-free hair. 

This is one situation in which sulfates might be necessary. You don’t want salt or chemicals to build up in your hair. Make sure that you use a good conditioner or hair mask when you’re done. 

5. Dry the Right Way 

How do you dry your hair?

If you’re like most people, you rub it with a towel and put the hairdryer on full power so your hair gets dry in no time. Is this really the right way to do it, though? 

Depending on your hair texture, your hair might be suffering as a result of your rough treatment. 

Summer is the perfect time to air-dry your hair. It’s warm and the cool water might even feel good. Sit outside in the sun for a few minutes, flipping your hair back and forth across its natural part, and dry your hair gently.

If you have a lot of moisture in your hair, scrunch and wrap it in a microfiber towel or soft t-shirt. This should be gentle enough that it won’t cause any damage. 

6. Trim Split Ends 

If you want long and fancy locks during the summer, you might not be willing to trim your hair. Not trimming, however, results in split ends and frizz. As your hair continues to split up the shaft, it will look worse and be harder to style. 

There’s nothing wrong with doing a mild trim at home every so often when you see a split end, but if you haven’t done it in a while, go to a professional for help. 

Your hair will look healthier, shinier, and smoother as a result. 

Summer Hair Care Is Crucial

If you want silky smooth hair, you need to pay attention to your hair care during the summer. Avoid harsh chemicals, wash your hair when you’re out of the water, and make sure that you use all of the right products!

With these hair care tips, your hair should stay manageable and soft all summer long.

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