Tooth Loss Tied to Higher Risk of Heart Disease

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The study included 316,588 participants from the US and territories between the ages of 40-79.

‘There may be other underlying health concerns if a person’s teeth fall out. Hence, clinicians should recommend people to receive adequate oral health care to reduce the risk of future cardiovascular disease.’

Overall eight percent were edentulous (had no teeth), and 13 percent had cardiovascular disease.

The percentage of people who had cardiovascular disease and were edentulous was 28 percent, compared to only seven percent who had cardiovascular disease but did not have missing teeth.

In addition to edentulous participants, those who reported having one to five missing teeth or six or more, but not all, missing teeth were also more likely to develop cardiovascular disease, even after adjusting for other factors such as body mass index, age, race, alcohol consumption, smoking, diabetes and dental visits.

The study was scheduled to be presented at the ACC Middle East Conference 2019 together with the 10th Emirates Cardiac Society Congress on October 3-5 in Dubai.

Source: IANS

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