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Office wear trends have always featured staples like tight pencil skirts, sky-high heels, and basic button-down shirts.  As the world comes out of lockdown and people emerge from working at home, this year’s biggest growing trend is Athflow.

What is Athflow?

According to this year’s Pinterest Predicts report, Athflow style is “professional enough for the office, stretchy enough for the yoga mat, and comfy enough for the sofa.” The look is made up of pieces like flowy trousers, casual jumpsuits, or oversized dresses — ultra-wearable looks that can be dressed up or down. 

How do I style it?

Comfort is finally taking center stage in fashion, but make no mistake: Athflow isn’t just fancy pajamas.  Here are a few Dos and Don’ts of keeping your Athflow look polished and professional without having to sacrifice cozy, loose-fitting fabrics.

DO: Balance your proportions.

When choosing Athflow pieces, it’s important to get the perfect fit and silhouette. If you’re wearing wide-leg flowy pants, pair them with a fitted top. Or if you’ve opted to wear an oversized blouse, choose fitted pants or leggings to go with it.

DON’T: Wear uncomfortable footwear.

The ideal Athflow look can be taken from a business meeting to a picnic in the park, so comfortable shoes are key.  To keep your outfit professional, ditch the gym shoes for stylish sneakers or flat sandals. NOTE: High-heeled pumps are prohibited!

DO: Layer.

When layered over a form-fitting dress, flowy cardigans and jackets can add some elegant coziness to your Athflow outfit. For some extra comfort, finish the look with an ultra-soft scarf. Optional: Add a long, drapey necklace for a touch of glam.

DON’T: Be sloppy.

Because Athflow focuses on comfort, it’s easy to go overboard and choose outfits that might be too unkempt for an office setting. Put that bathrobe away and opt for a Hygge-inspired knit wrap cardigan. Stick to dressier fabrics to keep your look slick and professional. 

DO: Get creative!

With Athflow becoming more popular, it’s clear that workplace fashion has a new definition and what used to be appropriate career wear is now changing.  Have fun with it and pick colors that you might not normally wear. Or, try patterns that you might have shied away from in the past!

Fashion That’s Functional 

You’re still not ready to transition to the outfits you wore pre-pandemic — and that’s okay! Athflow is here to comfortably take you from your couch to the office in style. Don’t put away those sweatpants just yet…pair them with a chic fitted top and embrace this new era of fashion that combines cozy with elegance.

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