The Best Tools For Practicing Lymphatic Drainage at Home

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Lymphatic drainage supports stress relief, reduces swelling and excess fluid, improves skin quality and more. All these benefits from a relaxing massage? Yes, please. While lymphatic drainage massages are offered by professionals, you can also perform them at home with the right dry brush. When done correctly, a lymphatic massage encourages the natural drainage of the lymph. One of the most appealing benefits of draining this fluid is that it reduces swelling, seemingly shrinking your size. In order to give yourself the best lymphatic drainage massage at home, you’ll need the right tools.


Esker Dry Brush ($18)

This aesthetically pleasing brush pledges to boost circulation and exfoliate skin for a brighter, firmer appearance. The bristles, made of grass tree wood, won’t feel harsh on your skin like some dry brushes can.


Wildling Aura Sweeper ($35)

Energize the skin, boost circulation and kick your lymphatic system into gear with the Aura Sweeper. Daily brushing can help reduce the appearance of cellulite by increasing the amount of blood flow and qi to the area.


Dr. Barbara Sturm Body Brush ($35)

Designed to help increase circulation and lymph flow, this brush will help remove toxins from your body. The Body Brush also works to open your pores and reduce the look of cellulite.


The Organic Pharmacy Skin Brush ($25)

You can use this long-handled brush with or without body oils. It exfoliates and boosts circulation for a natural glow and gets into those hard-to-reach areas with ease.

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