The 10 Best Healthy Foods to Loss Weight Fast

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Bombs who want to live better by heart! All you need to do is give them an outlet and the support they need to keep going. We can visualize weight loss without choosing foods that are good fats instead of foods that cause bad fats. Now let’s look at good foods that give good fat.

Good Fat Foods To Lose Weight:

1.Peanuts : soaked for six hours: Peanuts soaked in water for six hours detoxify, increase vitality and reach fullness. When taken raw, it contains the vitamins needed to digest fat, as well as the protein needed to make enzymes and proteins. If the peanuts are roasted or cooked it will definitely add bad fat.

2. Natural desserts : Natural desserts such as honey, black juice, natural jaggery, raisins, barley, and sweetened fruit juices can all help to effectively control fat digestion. It is full of B-vitamins which are rich in starch which helps in digestion of fats which are converted into instant energy. For example, jaggery mixed with peanut butter helps to digest.

3.Pepper : Pepper powder is easily digested when added to any non-vegetarian food. The B-vitamins and minerals in pepper facilitate fat digestion. The phytofactors in pepper help to eliminate the oxidation of non-vegetarian food. Non-vegetarian foods that are high in spices, including green chillies, can be a little difficult to digest.

4.Fish : Marine fish are better than pond fish. Marine fish that are small in size and whose skin is soft are best. It is best to avoid heavy metals, including mercury, which are found in the skin of fish, including tail fish. Fish fat is easily digested and nourishes the brain.

5.Meat : It usually takes at least 12 hours to digest meat dishes and three days for their waste to come out after they are digested. Although people who eat meat on a daily basis defecate daily, it is actually defecation three days earlier. Similarly, meat products contain only 1/3 of energy and 2/3 of waste. Since the energy available through meat is not enough to expel its waste, it is better to avoid eating meat. At the same time, meat protein contains some essential amino acids. They are not available in plant foods. That’s the way meat is needed. So, if you need a meat diet, you should take it in small quantities along with pepper. Poultry meat is good because the flesh is separate from the fat in meat. That is, the flesh of mammals (goats, cows, and pigs), which are mixed with meat and fat, increase the amount of bad fats. As well as broiler chickens that are bred with a lot of chemicals and hormones that make us plump. These are the fast-growing estrogen hormones that increase femininity in men, menstrual problems in women and obesity. Excessive consumption of broiler chickens is likely to upset the hormonal balance and increase stress. You can eat turkey instead.

6.Oils : Oil is more dangerous than non-vegetarian food. Non-vegetarian food becomes very bad fat when fried in oil. Similarly, once used oil is reheated and used, it becomes very fatty. The best of the oils is olive oil. Baking it two or three times does not turn it into bad fat. The omega-9 fat in olive oil can boost the immune system and skin health. This oil is three times denser than other oils. It costs more, but your heart is more than that. The best oil after olive oil is coconut oil. This too will not spoil even if you shoot it once or twice. The third best number is goodwill. Olive oil and coconut oil are good for bile and spleen. Good oil removes gas and body heat. Good oil is so named because it is good for cooking health. Apart from these three oils, all other oils are good for health. All the other oils that are good for the heart are dope. In fact, sunflower, peanut and soybean oils are ideal for temperate countries. The best oil for tropical countries like ours is good oil.

7. Coconut : Coconut is a whole substance. It is a wonderful food that contains all the essential amino acids and high fats, the vitamins needed to digest them, and the minerals. Coconut is good and bad in the way it is used in cooking. Coconut is easy to digest if taken in a super-melted state without overcooking, otherwise it will be a bit difficult to digest. People with high cholesterol and diabetes are advised not to take coconut. They recommend this because they do not know the way to increase their digestion. Their recommendation nowadays is to eat more onion chutney or tomato chutney. Grinding onions causes nerve damage. Grinding tomatoes can lead to the formation of kidney stones. Oops! They turn from sin and good to evil. Coconut is easily digested if taken with pepper or natural jaggery. Those who say that coconut is bad for health should change the way they look at Malayalees.

8.Eggs : Eggs are also a complete food. If you eat boiled eggs, everything will be gassy. Eat the same egg omelette with a little oil in it and you will get rid of all the bad fats. People with high cholesterol are advised to eat only egg whites. Digestive problems only occur when taking the incomplete. The white of the egg contains vitamins and minerals. The yolk contains essential amino acids and essential fats. Only when these two are combined will good happen.

9.Almonds and Pistachios : Almonds and pistachios are high in omega-3 fats. It has the property of lowering cholesterol. These nuts are a bit difficult to digest so take a little. These are easily digested when taken with honey.

10.Avocado : Avocado fruit, also known as alfalfa fruit, is low in omega-3 fatty acids. The fruit is easily digested and energizing even during illness.

Friends! Choose foods that provide good fats and avoid obesity, and live a healthier life with lighter blood vessels, smoother nerves and firmer skin.

If you do not change for the better

Bad will spoil you.

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