Study Reveals Brain Activity During Final Moments

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The man was hooked up to an electroencephalogram, which records brain activity, when he had a sudden heart attack and died.

But the electroencephalogram continued recording his brain activity, including during the 15 minutes around his death.

Scientists saw that, in the 30 seconds either side of the man’s final heartbeat, there was an increase in a certain type of brain wave.

These brain waves, called gamma waves are linked to more sophisticated cognitive functions and are especially active when we are concentrating, dreaming and meditating, and retrieving memories and processing information.

The recorded brain waves called gamma oscillations, suggest that, as we die, we experience the same neural activity as during dreaming, recalling memories, or meditating.

More studies would need to take place to see a sort of film reel of our best memories as we die.

Source: Medindia

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