Smile is Worth a Thousand Personality Traits

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, age, gender, and certain habits related to teeth, they also reveal the person’s lifestyle. Find out what these revelations are.

The two front teeth show a person’s age. The younger you are, the more rectangular and rounded the corners of the teeth. As you age, front teeth become squarer, and the corners begin to shorten.

The second front teeth are lateral incisors, which indicate gender. The lateral incisors will be slightly shorter and more rounded at the ends for a feminine appearance. More masculine lateral incisors will be almost the same size as central incisors and more squared.

The four shapes of teeth represent the basic traits in people.

Rectangular Teeth –
The defining characteristics for people with rectangular teeth shape are being realistic and logical. They can find out the best election when several choices are given. They are very good at planning, communication, and resourceful. These people tend to be less emotional and can irritate others with rational thoughts.

Square Teeth –
People with square teeth are disciplined, have a sense of control, and are very objective. They are also good decision-makers, ambitious, and have great entrepreneurial abilities. Their objectivity and sense of control can appear to be harsh sometimes.

Triangular Teeth –
People with triangular teeth are carefree and laugh irrespective of facing any kind of scenario in life. Sometimes they can appear too independent because of their carefree nature and reflect a lack of rootedness.

Oval Teeth –
People having oval teeth are fond of art. They do everything artistically. They are shy, but they are well-organized people. These people are sensitive and easily get hurt emotionally.

Teeth Style

Besides the shape, teeth style can also reflect on a person’s nature and decision-making ability. The following is a list of the kinds of teeth and their decision-making power:

  • Evenly shaped teeth — very poised and good decision-makers

  • Gapped teeth — humorous and lustful

  • Big front teeth — obstinate and make inflexible decisions

  • Small front teeth — kind decision-makers

  • Crooked teeth — confused decision-makers

  • Buck teeth — shyness

  • Flat teeth — aggression


Teeth also reveal a lot about lifestyle choices. Teeth worn down are a sure sign of teeth-grinding, which in turn is a distinct indication of stress.

Smoking and excessive consumption of alcohol can leave teeth unpleasantly stained, which are the signs of party-goer personality.

Personality analysis is not as simple, but the following has been established by various psychological analyses and has been seen to hold in most cases. This is one of the reasons for practicing proper oral hygiene for a great first impression.

Many of the traits that reveal much about character and lifestyle can indicate health problems. This concept is also being used in dentistry to design smiles to give patients the best look possible.

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