Risk of Stroke Recurrence can be Predicted by Artificial Intelligence (AI)

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The numbers are predicted to rise by 27% between 2017 and 2047 in the European Union due to an increase in the number of people over 704.

Stroke Risk and AI

The study team utilized a dataset of 41,325 patients admitted with a stroke diagnosis in 88 public hospitals over six years.

Both non-modifiable risk factors (such as age and ethnicity) and modifiable lifestyle risk factors and habits (such as smoking, weight, blood pressure, and cholesterol, diet, obesity, physical activity levels, treatment compliance, and socio-economic factors) were utilized to make the calculations.

These data were fed into an AI-based model which was able to provide an individualized risk of stroke recurrence at three and 12 months, further aiding in the improvement of patient’s treatment adherence.

“We hope the data may be used to create a much more personalised prediction of if, and when, patients might have another stroke, and that by explaining the impact of individual risk factors, it will make patients more likely to comply with any treatment prescribed or lifestyle changes suggested, reducing the likelihood of having another stroke”, says Dr. Marta Rubiera, Neurologist at Vall d’ Hebrn University Hospital and coordinator of the study.

The team also affirms that the study will help inform the personalization of a recently developed app, NORA for further improvement of stroke management.

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