Red Wine Holds “Played Protective Effects” Against COVID-19

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. However, a study at the Mayo Clinic also reveals the

and similar kinds of red grape juice.

The study analyzed 473,957 subjects (among whom 16,559 were tested positive for COVID-19) to establish a link between COVID history and drinking habits during the pandemic.

People who drank 14 glasses of red wine and fortified wine per week were found to have 10% to 17% and 12% reduced chances of contracting the COVID-19 virus, respectively, when compared to those who do not drink at all.

Moreover, white wine or champagne consumption had 8% lesser chances to contract the virus.

Although it appears appealing to conclude that drinking red wine may help ward off the extremely transmissible coronavirus, the study does not exactly portray the same. The findings portray a correlative figure rather than the direct effect on COVID-19.

Are all Drinks Effective?

As the study analyzed the protective effects of different alcoholic drinks against COVID-19, it was found that only wine (and not other alcoholic drinks) was proven to be good in dropping the risk of COVID-19.

The scientists consider wine’s high content of polyphenol to be responsible for the reduced risk of respiratory condition.

People who drank beer and cider (any amount) were found to be at a 28% higher risk of contracting COVID-19 with five or more glasses per week showing the heightened risk of infection.

However, the study also warned against hefty alcohol drinking during the pandemic.

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