Read These Unique Advantages Of Testing At Home Services

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Read These Unique Advantages Of Testing At Home Services

The recent events in the world have taken us all by surprise. A pandemic broke through last year followed by a global lockdown. Working from home became a norm and the only people allowed to travel were people associated with health care and providing essential food items. We learnt the new concept of wearing masks as the world scrambled along to try and find a vaccine for the virus that changed how we perceived everything- SARS-CoV, commonly known as Covid. Slowly but surely, things started opening up. Awareness to avoid crowds and use sanitizers and wear masks are constantly being spread. In such situations, people are more and more getting wary of hospitals and clinics. Many labs and clinics recognized this and wanted to step in and help people conduct tests with more comfort and security. Thus the idea of doorstep testing is born. They realized that anything concerning one’s health cannot take a backseat even if we were in the middle of a global pandemic. This is why doorstep testing became the new normal.If you haven’t availed it, you must read these benefits of at-home diagnostic testing explained by Dr. Srinivas Neela, Director & CEO, BookMyDiagnostic.

Prevent public exposure and save time

The service of doorstep testing was added so as to help people while avoiding the gathering of many people at clinics. Many laboratories and clinics worked together and individually to help people maintain the lockdown, thus also helping the government. They worked around the clock to ensure the services were safe and easy to avail. The most important advantage of doorstep testing is that you do not have to leave the comfort of your home, while you are feeling sick and might be vulnerable to Covid or a carrier of the virus.

Get tested at your convenience

Doorstep testing services allow you to book an appointment at your convenient date and time. Most labs and clinics allow you to switch the timings according to your convenience as well. All the clinics providing these services have worked on making sure that their experts assigned to collect the sample are tested and punctual in their appointments.

  • Another major advantage is that most of these services accept online payments. This reduces the risk of exchanging money and takes away the extra stress for you to run to an ATM. 
  • dditionally, you do not have to wait in the reception or in any lines to get a test done. This hugely reduces your risk of coming in contact with another person who is sick.
  • Not only that but having your tests done at home also means that you set the standard of cleanliness and hygiene.
  • However, since the test is being done at your home, you can feel more comfortable and confident about getting tested. 

Get tested at your convenience

Hassle free and safe testing

Availing lab tests is a safe and hassle free process. These clinics and lab experts follow the highest safety procedure when they visit your home for the testing services. From the booking to the place of the testing to the environment, everything is in your control; helping you avoid getting more sick or come in contact with communicable diseases.

  • This guarantees that you stay comfortable throughout the process of gaining a sample for the test.
  • It helps not only you but also your family to be at ease and not have to worry about getting the tests done.
  • Sometimes getting a blood test done can be scary by itself, but using the doorstep testing services aim to help you relieve some of this stress by being able to be at your home.

Additionally, availing these services saves you a lot of time. All that time wasted in travelling, getting to an appointment before time, waiting in the lobby or reception for your appointment, filling multiple forms and carrying out lengthy payment procedures are all cut down to just a few minutes.

Testing At Home Services

Not to mention the wait time of your report and the hassle of waiting in long queues in order to get your reports. Doorstep testing services are specifically designed to be quick and efficient in this manner. 

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Most of these services allow you to book an appointment online or through their app. They have worked hard to ensure that the booking process is simple and efficient. One does not need to be highly tech savvy so as to book these doorstep testing services. Multiple of these labs and clinics provide a varied number of tests and health kits. Services varying from Covid test to blood test are provided along with health packages. After collecting the sample for testing, it is sent to process in an NABL accredited laboratory. Most of the clinics and labs aim to get the test reports sent to you within 12-24 hours of taking the sample. You do not have to worry about going to collect the reports either. Most of these services aim to send in the reports to you through either email or Whatsapp.Every step of this process is aimed to ensure public safety and comfort. So if you have been wanting to get a test done but were worried about how to go about it, we suggest you book the doorstep testing service today. 

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