Pranav Gupta’s Service With Passion

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HealthCare Heroes Awards 2022: Pranav Gupta’s Service With Passion

Who: Pranav Gupta, Social Worker from Ahmedabad

WhatPranav Gupta started various initiatives like distributing Ration Kits, Cooked Food, providing railways, bus tickets and money to migrant workers, free Immunity Booster Kit, oxygen concentrators in the remote villages in Gujarat.

Why: Pranav Gupta helped ten of thousands of people with COVID-19 relief in Gujarat.

To break the chain of Covid-19 transmission the states enforced a full or partial lockdown. The mortality rate of COVID-19 and its cases were significantly controlled as a direct outcome of the various lockdowns. On the other hand the economic shock of the COVID-19 pandemic has had a devastating impact on migrant and daily wage workers in both the unorganized and organized sectors. The spending and saving patterns of this segment were such that without daily income these workers were struggling to make ends meet. 

CSR Professional By Day, Social Worker For Life

Pranav Gupta is an engineer and a certified CSR Professional from Ahmedabad. He has been designing CSR policies and aligning them with organizational goals for various companies. So when the pandemic hit Pranav was ready with his in depth knowledge of different communities in need around various zones, their location and distribution channels including NGOs. Without wasting any time he set the ball rolling and undertook about half a dozen initiatives along with the two projects he manages – iA foundation and The Ahmedabad Project. 

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Food For The Distressed 

Pranav and his team distributed ration kits to the slum dwellers. These food kits contained daily essentials like Rice, Atta, Sugar, Tea, Oil, and other commodities. One food kit serves a family of four for at least ten days. They distributed 4000+ ration kits. 

Pranav Gupta 

While distributing ration kits Pranav realized there were many like migrant workers, safai karamchari, security guards etc. who were outdoors and had no facility to cook food. He undertook the tedious task of dividing Ahmedabad in 8 zones and using his previous experience, further identified the areas where the communities which were in dire need were located. Also word started spreading about his relief work and people started contacting him. He identified community leaders like Sarpanch etc. and started distributing cooked food like Roti-Sabzi and Dal-Chawal. With the help of local restaurants – Sante Spa Cuisine, Jalpaan Restaurant and various other community kitchens in Ahmedabad, they were able to serve cooked meals to more than 1000+ people daily including COVID-19 Patients, Doctors and people in nearby slums. They are also supporting three community kitchens in Ahmedabad and one in Bikaner with the help of Rajasthani Bhasha Sanstha which prepares meals for more than 1500+ people on a daily basis respectively. Many people who wanted to sponsor meals also came forward.

A Little Help To Reach Home

The lockdown had adversely impacted the migrant workers who faced multiple hardships. Tens of thousands lost their jobs due to factories and workplaces shutting down and were stranded far away from their villages. Pranav and his team helped migrants from UP, West Bengal, Bihar, Jharkhand, and even Nepal to go back home in coordination with Indian Railways and private bus companies. They paid the workers train and bus fares and gave them some cash for their needs during the journey or immediately after reaching. 

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Pranav Gupta

Proactive Measures 

During the second wave Pranav started with a doctor prescribed Immunity Booster Kit for free to anyone who was Covid positive or had mild symptoms. This kit consisted of Vitamin D, Zinc tablets, Multi Vitamins, Rehydration Drinks, Mask and Sanitizers and was given as a preemptive measure to those who could be vulnerable to Covid infection. They have distributed Immunity Booster Kits across 8 cities in the state of Gujarat through a dedicated helpline number. 

Pranav Gupta

Oxygen In The Remote Villages

Pranav has also been tirelessly working to purchase and set up oxygen concentrators in the remote villages of Gujarat to give access to critical medical facilities to COVID-19 patients. All the 8 districts of Gujarat where he ran the Free Immunity Booster Kit Initiative, were supported with one oxygen concentrator. 

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The Impact

Pranav Gupta

Pranav’s initiatives in his home state of Gujarat have borne fruit and he and his team have been able to achieve some great numbers. They have distributed 4000+ ration kits which served more than 4,00,000+ meals. More than 2,50,000+ cooked meals were served. They have helped more than 1000+ migrants to reach home during the first wave of COVID 19. They have also distributed around 3,000+ Immunity Booster Kits across 8 cities in Gujarat. 

From the smallest of initiatives like chai distribution to setting up oxygen concentrators in the remote villages, if Pranav Gupta’s work during this pandemic has inspired or moved you, do cast your vote for her. Here is how you can vote for your favorite nominee for Jagran New Media & OnlyMyHealth’s HealthCare Heroes Awards 2021.

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