Plaque Psoriasis Uncovers Its Alternative Treatments

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with greater levels of innovation (topical creams and tablets) in the pipeline for PsO.

Newer Treatment for PsO

“There will always be a place for injectable biologics in the PsO treatment toolbox, especially in severe patients. However, the recent and future releases of biosimilars will sap the profits of anyone with an expired patent, and essentially open the floodgates of innovation in the field,” says Tiffany Chan, an Immunology Analyst at GlobalData.

This paves way for newer opportunity for manufacturers towards the targeted and diverse therapies for PsO patients.

Among the leading group of companies involved in the change are:

First group:

  • Belgium-based UCB

  • Swedish company Affibody

  • German’s Merck

Second group:

  • US-based Bristol-Myers Squibb

  • India’s Dr. Reddy’s Laboratory

  • Israel’s Can-Fite Biopharma

Third group:

  • US-based companies — Arcutis and Dermavant

“The lack of treatments for patients at either extremity of the disease spectrum gives scope for new entrants to significantly grow the market. By attempting to fulfill specific unmet needs, pharmaceutical companies could generate new treatment options for patients that could reduce the need for administration and monitoring by healthcare professionals,” says Chan.

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