Physical Activity May Prevent Death

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Increased physical activity may help prevent estimated number of deaths among US adults as per a study published in the journal JAMA Internal Medicine .

The potential health benefit of physical activity has been documented by various studies. Hence, the present study aimed to analyze the manageable amount of physical activity (using accelerometer) and its association with mortality rates among 4840 adults aged 40 to 85 years or older..

‘Number of deaths could be prevented among adults aged 40 to 85 years with increased physical activity.’

It was found that a total of 1165 deaths occurred during the follow-up of 10.1 years. This states that nearly 110,000 deaths could be prevented annually if US adults aged 40 to 85 years or older increased their exercise by at least, 10 minutes per day .

These findings may help implement evidence-based strategies for improving physical activity for adults and thereby reduce deaths in the US.

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