Orthodontic Meaning| Types Of Treatment

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Orthodontics: Types Of Dental Treatment For Relief

Dental treatments are as important as other types of treatments. Oral health is often neglected but it connects your body system together in a way or two. There are several types of dental treatments in dentistry among which one of them is orthodontics. Orthodontics is a branch that deals with positioning of teeth when the mouth is closed. Problem of orthodontics also deal with improper bite and alignment issues. Today we will try to know about orthodontics in detail, we would also know about types of orthodontics and how can it help people in making their oral health better.

What is the Function of Orthodontics?

We spoke to Dr. Nitya Verma, Clinical Dentist at Elite Dental Clinic, Noida to know about this treatment procedure in detail. She explained that orthodontics is branch of dentistry that actually deals with malocclusion. It is basically types of conditions having some problem in their structure, positioning and alignment of the teeth. This process usually takes few months as orthodontics is a gradual process of making teeth straight. Treatment of such problems can be done through cosmetic surgery, or through some orthodontic treatment methods. It aims to improve the overall oral functions in the mouth. 


Types of Orthodontics

So there are different problems that could occur in your teeth. Some people have alignment problems in one side of the mouth; it could be due to several types of problems. You can get orthodontics treatment if you have one of these dental issues-

  1. If you have wide gap between your teeth
  2. Problems related to alignment of the teeth, it can be on tips of teeth as well
  3. Straightforward crooked teeth
  4. Improving speech problems or inability to chew food
  5. Improving health of gums and the teeth for a long term
  6. To prevent wear and tear of teeth because of long term of excessive wearing, especially in older adults
  7. To treat problems related to improper bite.

Treatment of teeth can have a long term impact on your oral health. If it does not get diagnosed in time, then it could cause several problems that causes cavity and tooth decay, etc. Orthodontics is a solution for protecting your teeth from log term damage and issues. You may have to get some appointment with your dentist as you get any of these problems. Orthodontics can also be treated with the help of special devices that fix these types of dental problems.

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Devices for Orthodontic Treatment

There are different types of devices that can be used in fixing your teeth and oral health. One is fixed appliances that stick with the teeth or tooth depending on the issue. Other are removable devices that need to be worn for a particular period of time in routine. Both of them have their own benefits and procedures; they may also be used depending on the type of treatment and age of the patient. 


Fixed Orthodontic Appliances

1. Braces

These are very common types of orthodontic appliance often used to treat teeth that are bulging forward that usual. Braces can consist of brackets, wires and bands that help to keep the teeth in place and also push them back to their ideal position. Braces are used to anchor the tooth to the original bands and help in positioning of the teeth.

2. Fixed Space maintainers

It is used for children when they start losing their milk teeth. There is space created between teeth when a tooth falls down, until another permanent tooth emerges, that space should not be filled. In some cases, the other two teeth on the sides move towards that empty space and create issues with alignment of the teeth. Fixed space maintainers help to maintain that space by keeping side tooth at their given position.

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Removable Orthodontic Appliances

Another way of treating minor problem in the teeth are through removable devices. These are usually temporary problems that might occur in children. It contains thumb sucking problems or correcting the position of crooked teeth. 

1. Aligners

A common tool to fix the alignment problems in children are aligners. Their functions is same as braces, however these are usually softer and virtually unnoticeable. Aligners can be removed while sleeping and brushing teeth. You may also have to remove them while eating food, etc. They are usually recommended for children for a few weeks and then changed to tighter ones. 

2. Headgears

Concept of headgears is declining in dentistry because it is not a comfortable tool to live with. There is a strap that is tied from back of your head to the wire in front. This can cause pain and cause great discomfort in doing daily chores. It is used for keeping the back teeth in place but other orthodontic treatments are used these days.


3. Palatal Expander

This appliance is actually designed to make an arch in the upper jaw. In some people the arch is not wide enough that can cause pain and problems while eating or speaking. This appliance helps to make the palate wider. For this a plastic plate with some screws are used to place the palate on the roof. The screws put pressure on the joints and bones which forces them outwards.

4. Retainers

Retainers are used commonly to avoid the movement of teeth from its original position. It is usually given to children in order to maintain a healthy teeth and positions. Dentists also modify retainers in order to stop infants and children from sucking their thumbs.

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