Onlymyhealth Announces ‘Healthcare Heroes Awards 2022’: Here Are The Winners

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Onlymyhealth Announces 'Healthcare Heroes Awards 2022': Here Are The Winners

The second edition of the Healthcare Heroes Awards was held today. The event was held to celebrate the work of those who worked immensely to provide relief to people in distress due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Out of 32 nominees, eight were awarded across eight categories. Winners were decided based on our jury’s decision and audience poll. The jury consisted of celebrated luminaries from the fields of health and wellness. Bollywood actor Bhumi Pednekar, actor Gurmeet Chaudhary and dancer-actor Raghav Juyal. We congratulate the winners who were awarded the ‘Healthcare Heroes Awards’.

Healthcare Heroes Awards: Winners

Now, let’s meet the winners of the ‘Healthcare Heroes Awards’ one by one:

Mental Health Warriors

‘Feelings Forward’ By Kushal Roy

Hyderabad-based psychologist Kushal Roy, whose ‘Feelings Forward’ offered mental health support at the grassroot level, won the ‘Healthcare Heroes Awards’ in the ‘Mental Health Warrior’ category. Throughout the pandemic, this mental health expert counselled over 200 people, an initiative for which he was recognised by the likes of former US president Bill Clinton, former US secretary of state Hillary Clinton, New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern, and former German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Poshan Warriors

Akshay Kothawale

This autorickshaw driver from Pune used his wedding savings of Rs 2 lakh to feed the needy during the COVID-induced lockdown. Not just that, he ferried pregnant women and the elderly for free on his autorickshaw.

Oxygen Warriors

‘Oxygen Man’ Shahnawaz Sheikh

Mumbai-based Shahnawaz Sheikh helped about 8,000 people with free medical oxygen, of which there was a major shortage during the second COVID wave in India. To raise funds, he sold his SUV to raise funds. Later, he started crowdfunding to get his initiative going.

Digital Healthcare


This students’ run professional task force helped people find COVID essentials like medicines, ventilators, oxygen cylinders, etc. It ran a 24/7 helpline for 69 days straights to address 1,311 queries on these essential COVID supplies during the second wave.

Life Savers

Matron Jeminiben Joshi

It’s a well-known fact that COVID disproportionately attacks the elderly. But this couldn’t deter Jeminiben Joshi, a matron at Zydus Medical College and Hospital, Dahod, Gujarat. Putting her safety at risk, she nursed several COVID patients throughout the pandemic.

Awareness Warriors

Ashwathy Murali

COVID vaccination is instrumental in reining the novel coronavirus. Fully resolved to spread the word, Ashwathy Murali, who belongs to the Paniya Adivasi community in Kerala’s Wayanad, took it upon herself to spread awareness on vaccination in her community. She used radio as a means to spread information and bust misinformation on COVID vaccines.

Distress Relief

Mukesh Hissariya

A social worker for several years, Patna businessman Mukesh Hissariya had worked among kids suffering from thalassemia until COVID struck. As the virus spread claiming the lives of many in his city, Hissariya and his ‘Mata Vaishno Devi Seva Samiti’ took it upon themselves to cremate the COVID victims who didn’t have anyone to do their last rites. They cremated about 300 people who died of COVID during the pandemic.

Mother & Infants’ Care


This NGO in Pandharpur in Maharashtra’s Solapur district provides shelter to HIV+ kids abandoned by their families over the disease. Presently, it houses 125 such kids. From nutrition and education to skill development, it focuses on all of these. During the outbreak of COVID-19, which disproportionately affects the immunocompromised people, Palwi ensured that not one of its kids got infected.

Onlymyhealth gives a big shoutout to all of them for winning the ‘Healthcare Heroes Awards 2022’.

Priyali Sur

She has been no less than a fairy for pregnant women who were waiting for government to open covid vaccination for pregnant women. A journalist by profession, she begin advocating in favour of vaccination for pregnant women and succeeded while she herself was pregnant. It was her determination that expecting mothers can now get vaccinated to keep themselves & their unborn child safe.

Onlymyhealth gives a big shoutout to all of them for winning the ‘Healthcare Heroes Awards 2022’.

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