Omicron Variant can Cause Night Sweats

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Omicron is thought to cause fewer symptoms but can infect people who have been fully vaccinated.

Whether the viral infection is moderate or severe, it is critical to take the necessary steps to ensure a quick recovery. As a result, recognizing the signs of the variation is critical.

Before the Omicron variant’s rapid expansion over the world, night sweats were more typically connected with other diseases such as the flu, worry, or even cancer. It’s a series of severe sweating episodes that can wet your clothes and linens.

Along with a sore throat, night sweats are a few specific symptoms that appear to distinguish Omicron from other COVID variants. And, unlike Delta and the initial COVID-19 strain to invade the United States, Omicron does not appear to be linked to a loss of smell or taste.

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) classified diarrhea as one of the unusual symptoms of Omicron.

But night sweats and diarrhea are not the only symptoms that differentiate Omicron from the other strains of the coronavirus.

These are the symptoms caused by the Omicron variant:

Scratchy throat



Runny nose

Moderate to high fever


Muscle pain

Body pain



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