New Microneedle Patches Help Reverse Baldness

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This condition occurs primarily because of the lack of enough blood vessels that deliver nutrients,

, and other essential molecules into the hair follicles. Apart from this, some highly reactive chemical substances arising from the molecular oxygen called “reactive oxygen species” can also trigger the death of cells involved in the formation of new hair.

Although an array of over-the-counter remedies are available for androgenic alopecia, most of them do not focus on the primary causes.

Effect of Novel Microneedle Patches on Bald Spots

The researchers coated cerium nanoparticles on a biodegradable compound made of polyethylene glycol and lipids in the current study. Then they mixed up this with hyaluronic acid. Finally, they made microneedle patches by pouring this mixture into a mold.

When these patches were applied on male mice with bald spots, the skin around those areas started to attain earlier skin pigmentation and produced higher levels of a compound that boosts the development of new hair. The mice under test also had lesser oxidative stress compounds in their skin.

Compared with minoxidil, a widely used clinical drug to treat alopecia, the newly designed microneedle patches accelerated hair regeneration at a lower administration frequency without inducing significant skin damage.

How Do These Microneedle Patches Reverse Baldness?

The new dissolvable microneedle patches with excellent mechanical strength can mimic some enzymes called catalase and superoxide dismutase, which scavenge excessive reactive oxygen species.

The administration of the patches also induces a mechanical stimulation that can remodel the system of tiny blood vessels in the balding region.

“Microneedle patches that introduce cerium nanoparticles into the skin are a promising strategy to reverse balding for androgenetic alopecia patients,” concluded the researchers.

Hair Loss Prevention: Easy Tips to Help Reduce Hair Loss

  • Use a gentle shampoo. Apply a moisturizing conditioner after every shampoo.
  • Eat healthy, include protein and iron-rich foods in your diet
  • Take multivitamin, and biotin supplements
  • Avoid brushing wet hair
  • Keep yourself hydrated
  • Avoid smoking and alcohol
  • Practice meditation

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