New Beneficial Keto-formulation Against Epilepsy Seems Effective

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But the diet has to be monitored for any complications and is not pleasing to everyone. The use of

co-developed by the team has been thereby evaluated for the effects of keto diet.

The Keto Diet

The study analyzed 35 children (aged 3 to 18) and 26 adults with drug resistant epilepsy of genetic origin. The participants were given K.Vita liquid supplements (a drink), along with their meals for 12 weeks.

Restrictions on high-refined sugary food and beverages from their diets were also done. At the end, 23 (66%) children and 18 (69%) adults completed the trial successfully. The reason for discontinuation among certain subjects was due to gastrointestinal disturbances.

It is seen that a different underlying mechanism exists for the effectiveness of KD against epilepsy. A mean 50% reduction in seizures or paroxysmal events were noted and fewer than 10% of people on the diet produced significant ketones.

The New Mechanism

The diet is found to also increase the levels of a fatty acid called decanoic acid that may, in turn, provide powerful antiseizure effects. The diet also had better tolerance and reduced adverse effects.

“Our study provides early evidence of the tolerability and effectiveness of a new dietary supplement in severe drug-resistant epilepsies in adults and children and provides a further treatment option in these devastating conditions. It also offers an alternative, more liberal, diet for those who cannot tolerate or do not have access to ketogenic diets,” says Professor Walker, a consultant neurologist at the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery.

The team suggests that larger, controlled studies of K.Vita are required to establish more validation to the results.

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