Nature may Help Improve Anti-cancer Antibody Therapy

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The new method uses protein engineering incorporating a modified IgM ‘tailpiece’, and has been shown to be effective in several different antibodies. This makes it potentially attractive as a “plug-and-play” modification tool for the cancer research community allowing them to improve the performance of existing antibodies or create ‘bio-betters’ from existing therapeutics.

Prof Mark Cragg at the University of Southampton said, “Antibody engineering is a fascinating area and allows us to take advantage of the fantastic molecules that nature has evolved to combat infection and improve on them for our therapeutic purposes”.

Researchers at UCB, Dr Shirley Peters and Dr David Humphreys said “This is a great example of grant funding enabling collaborative research which combines the strengths of both academia and industry.

We at UCB could not have so comprehensively studied this invention without the expertise and research community at Southampton. UCB contributed innovative antibody expertise, which founded the concept and will enable it to further develop in the future. We are very pleased to be able to share our joint science with the global community with this paper”.

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