MINDS Foundation Offered Mental Health Help To Those In Distress During COVID Pandemic

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Healthcare Heroes Awards 2022: MINDS Foundation Offered Mental Health Help To Those In Distress During COVID P

Who: MINDS Foundation

Category: Mental Health Warrior

What: Offered mental health services to those in distress

Why: For offering mental health services to those in distress

The COVID-19 pandemic has been hard on people. Infection, deaths, job loss, economic distress, unpredictability, we saw it all. Although a physical health issue, the novel coronavirus, owing to the havoc it unleashed, transcended into the mental health landscape and left people dealing with myriad mental health issues. The lone silver lining in all this was that more and more people came forward to share their distress and mental health shed some of the stigmas it had carried for long. And during this time, there were many individuals and organisations that came forward to offer help, not just for dealing with the mental health issue but also for making it mainstream. One such organization is MINDS Foundation, an NGO functioning in both India and the US that shared resources and offered services such as counseling to those in need.

MINDS Foundation

And for its work, Onlymyhealth nominates ‘Minds Foundation’ to the ‘Healthcare Heroes Awards 2022’ in the category ‘Mental Health Warriors’. This is its story:

‘Dramatic Increase In Callers To Our Helpline’: MINDS Foundation

The vision of the MINDS Foundation is to “create a world that fosters a shared approach to mental wellness.” An approach “in which anyone, anywhere can access the resources they deserve.” Apart from raising awareness on various mental health issues, the NGO also provides counseling services. As per its website, during the COVID pandemic, it upscaled and expanded its counseling services and the 24/7 distress helpline service. It also developed multimedia content, support groups, and virtual sessions to reach groups across India. The organization saw a “dramatic increase in callers to our helpline” during the pandemic, it said on its website.

MINDS Foundation

Other than offering these services, MINDS Foundations also shared a list of key resources vis-à-vis the COVID pandemic on its website. It also shared self-care tools that are known to help people with mental health distress.

Mental health is just as important as physical health, and both need to be equally talked about and addressed. It is especially the case as the COVID-19 pandemic is far from over. And for countering some of the stigma associated with mental health and offering services to people in distress, Onlymyheath gives a big shoutout to MINDS Foundation. If you too want its work to not go unrecognized, then do not miss out on this opportunity and go vote for it.  

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