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Massage therapy is one of the most effective medical treatments. This is because when pressure is applied to certain parts of the body, the tension decreases and the body and mind become relaxed. Reflexology is a part of massage therapy.

By massaging the feet daily before going to bed at night, one can treat problems in various organs directly related to the feet.

If one of the feet is massaged daily, it will reduce stress, relax the body, stimulate blood flow in the body, prevent sleep problems, relieve digestive problems and improve skin health.

Foot massage, especially if pregnant women go to bed at night, can help prevent foot swelling in the body. For example, the brain and lungs are in direct contact with the big toe.

So massaging the big toe will prevent brain and lung problems. The pressure exerted on the second, third, and fourth toes of the foot provides immediate relief of toothache. The last little finger will reduce ear pain.

So massage your feet for a while before going to bed every night and go to sleep. Thus you will get many benefits without even knowing it.

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