Make, Don’t Break, New Year Resolutions

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have become synonymous with New Year. These resolutions sadly are, almost always, forgotten with the same ease with which they are made.

Very few people actually work on their new year resolutions with the same passion that fuelled their formation.

Is it possible to make your resolve work? Here are a few suggestions that might be of help.

Go Green

It would be a great way to start this year by choosing to ‘Go Green’. It not only saves the planet but also makes you a very responsible

You could begin by eating organic foods, by switching
off the fan or light, by using water sparingly or by avoiding plastic.

Also, if your cycle is gathering dust in the shed now is the time to take it out and pedal away.

Learn New Things

Resolve this year to learn new things. They may be simple things such as learning a new word each day polishing your culinary skills or
by doing a bit of gardening. These things not only keep you enthusiastic but they also render youthful freshness to your body and mind.

Make Health your Wealth

It is common for people to resolve to ‘lose weight’ but very
few actually make it. It is therefore better for folks to be more realistic and concentrate on becoming healthier.

It would be nice to start walking, to reduce the intake of
fried or junk food and to eat more fresh fruits and veggies. Going for regular health check -ups is another way to ensure fitness.

For those who are keen on losing weight the following tips might help –

  • Eat your breakfast within an hour of waking up to ensure that your metabolism is raised
  • Ensure moderate physical activity
  • Monitor your weight once a week to make changes to your weight loss regime, if necessary

Be Practical

It is not enough to make resolutions but it is also necessary to be practical and make fewer resolutions to ensure that they work.
Avoid making resolutions that are difficult to carry out.

It is important to bring changes in your behavioral patterns before you are able to carry out these resolutions but it takes about 3 months for habits to form and patterns to be established.

Remember…. patience pays!

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