Link Between Plastic Exposure and Cardiovascular Disease

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found that a chemical used to make plastics more durable led to increased plasma cholesterol levels in mice.

“We found dicyclohexyl phthalate, or DCHP, strongly binds to a receptor called pregnane X receptor, or PXR,” said Zhou, who is a professor in the UCR School of Medicine.

DCHP, a widely used phthalate plasticizer, has recently been proposed by the Environmental Protection Agency as a high-priority substance for risk evaluation. Not much is known yet about DCHP’s adverse effects on humans.

This study is the first to show the effects of DCHP exposure on high cholesterol and cardiovascular disease risk in mouse models.

Researchers also found that mice exposed to DCHP had higher circulating “ceramides”, a class of waxy lipid molecules in their intestines. This is associated with increased cardiovascular disease risk in humans.

This finding also points to the potentially important role of PXR in contributing to the harmful effects of plastic-associated chemicals on cardiovascular health in humans.

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