Learn to Cope Up With Cancer-related Stress This Holiday Season

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With the holiday season setting in rays of happiness and celebration everywhere, it can be quite a difficult time for those undergoing cancer treatment, or those who care for a family member or friend with cancer, or grief-stricken with the loss of a loved from cancer.

These challenging phases may add on to stress and subsequently dampen your holiday joy. However, Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey proposes top 10 practical tips for cancer patients and their families to managing holiday stress.

‘With the holiday season around, cancer patients and their families may find it more difficult to cope up with stress. Following stress-relieving techniques, may, however, help those to rise against this challenging stress phase.’

For Patients:

  • Identify the physical and emotional stress that might be contributed by attending gatherings.
  • Hence, one may consider modify their plans and opt for adequate rest.
  • Be mindful of consuming healthy balanced meals; avoid overeating.
  • Engage in light exercises to reduce stress.
  • Embrace self-care to maintain well-being and manage stress.
  • Occupy yourself with self-care activities and enjoyable hobbies like listening to music, reading, or crafting.
  • Although it is quite normal to experience distress over how cancer may have changed your holiday season. Treat yourself with patience, compassion, and gentleness.
  • Consider sharing out your feelings with family, friends, or a helpful professional.
  • One may even join a support group to fight off loneliness.

For families and friends of cancer patients:

  • Try out something new rather than centring on the losses this holiday season.
  • Engage in activities like cooking, holiday shopping, or wrapping gifts.
  • Bestow yourself with self-care to enjoy the holiday season.
  • Give yourself a space to express emotions if you have experienced a loss of loved ones due to cancer.
  • Talk and support your loved ones with cancer.

This holiday season let us make life better for even the cancer survivors and their caretakers!

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