Know Various Methods And Lifestyle Measures To Treat This Condition

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Anal Itching: Know Various Methods And Lifestyle Measures To Treat This Condition

Sometimes itching can take you to embarrassing situations, this can be more problematic when you are in a public place or in a meeting. Also it is not possible for people to control when the itching increases in a particular region. There could be strong urge to scratch your bums at times but it could get very uncomfortable. Anal itching is the term which is generally used to describe this condition and thus it is important to tackle this problem. It can be done by both some medically recommended methods and by applying some lifestyle changes. Here are some ways that can be effective in treating this problem.

Why does it Itch Around Anus?

According to Dr. Sumeet Nigam, General Physician, Sahara Hospital, Lucknow, Itching around your bums and anus can be due to several reasons. It is usually due to irritants such as faeces inconsistency, chronic diarrhoea or because of rashes around your anus. It can also be due to use of harsh soap around anal region that can cause itching.


Other reason for this can be due to infections, if infections spread inside your body through anus, which are usually sexually transmitted infection or pinworms, then also it can create itching in your buttocks. Skin conditions are also a common cause as dryness can cause itching and contact dermatitis at times.

Itching around your anus can otherwise be because of diabetes, thyroid or any conditions caused by underlying health conditions. Haemorrhoids, anal tumours can be some serious symptoms of this condition.

Diagnosis of Anal Itching

It is tricky to diagnose anal itching because it depends on the reason of itching. If the reason is related to some allergy or infections, then it could be diagnosed with help of faeces sample. Apart from that general test conducted to diagnose this is also based on physical examination of rectal situation. 

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If pinworms are suspected, then it could be because of unhygienic circumstances and conditions related to it. Medical history and personal care habits are also checked to know the obvious causes if possible. Itching is not that serious problem as such that immediate treatment may be necessary, hence doctors usually observe the patient for other symptoms to be sure that it is caused by some particular problem or disease.

Treatment of Anal Itching

If there is some underlying health disease or problem, then the treatment is usually related to that. Otherwise in general conditions anal itching can be treated by use of some over the counter medications that can reduce the itching, moisturise the skin and eradicate the irritants from the skin. 


Oral antihistamines are said to be an effective anti-itch creams that could reduce itching and symptoms causing irritation. This can be especially effective in the night as majority of people suffer from major itching problems during bed or sleeping. By taking proper measures you can treat your anal itching quite effectively and efficiently.

Remedies to Cure Anal Itching

Anal itching can be treated by using some remedies that can be prepared on taken at home. This includes keeping your skin cool and dry, while preventing irritants from affecting your anal region. You can apply these measures for a healthy and free lifestyle from anal itching-

Cleanse your anus gently

Most of the people have this habit of cleaning faeces with harsh tissues or roughly. This can increase your problems over time resulting to anal itching. Also you must avoid scrubbing your anal region much because it can cause irritation in the particular region. Pat your anus and buttocks dry with a clean soft tissue to avoid anal itching.

Do not scratch

Our first and very reflexive action towards anal itching is to scratch it to reduce irritation. However this is not a good solution as it can further increase your problems and irritation around your anus. You can apply some moist, room temperature compress to anal region by lukewarm oatmeal bath. Also keep your nails short and wear cotton clothes to prevent itching.

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Avoid irritants

There could be some possible causes that can be prevented if you are careful with your lifestyle routine. For this you need to cut down, bubble baths, genital deodorants, harsh perfumes, soaps and moist wipes to prevent anal itching. 

Change your diet

Diet also performs a vital role in determining your foods. This can also be evident in cutting back coffee, cola alcohol, citrus foods, chocolate, spicy foods, etc that can increase laxatives in the body.

Apply Ointments or gels

As mentioned earlier, over the counter medications such as ointments and creams can be useful to prevent and treat anal itching issues. This includes petroleum jelly, zinc oxide ointment and other layers of creams if needed.

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