Isolated Due To Omicron COVID-19? Here Are 5 Mental Health Tips To Stay Sane

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Isolated Due To Omicron COVID-19? Here Are 5 Mental Health Tips To Stay Sane

Cases of Omicron variant and COVID-19 are rising sharply and this doesn’t seem to end soon. With more people getting infected with this virus, it is likely that infection rate is going to rise and home isolation will be the safest option left. People who are isolated in their homes face mental health issues and there are various factors because of which they might feel depressed. This can also hamper their recovery and immunity in their body; hence it is important to know about mental health tips in order to stay active. People with mild symptoms need to take special care of themselves and here are some ways which they can opt. 

Home Isolation During Omicron COVID-19

It is not always necessary to go to hospitals for COVID-19 especially in cases where symptoms are mild. Home isolation has been chosen as a better way to quarantine yourself during Omicron. Till now omicron has infected millions of people but has caused very less severity. Most of its symptoms are mild such as cold, flu, cough, headache, fever and sore throat. These symptoms can be treated with medicines and self care. It takes around 7-10 days for symptoms to go away and COVID-19 infection to be treated in mild cases. Hence during these days it is important to keep your mental health in place. 


Mental Health Tips for Omicron COVID-19 patients During Isolation

1. Develop a Routine

It is very important to have a routine when you are alone and isolated. This is because not having a routine habit can affect your mental health and your health as well. Follow a healthy eating habit, exercise and practice good sleep for recovery. Lack of sleep or nutrition can affect your recovery from omicron variant of COVID-19. Routine can reduce risk of mental health issues as it will keep you engaged and involved throughout the day in something or the other during the period of your isolation.

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2. Listen to Music and stay active

Another very important aspect of keeping yourself in sane is to stay active. Music can be a very good remedy for this; it keeps you engaged, calms your senses and gives a feeling of joy. You can also try some karaoke. It can help you to stay away from mental health issues, whenever you feel depressed or anxious, listen to songs. Also do some exercise and physical workout in the home to keep the happy hormones going. It helps you build stronger immunity that enhances your chances of quick recovery. 


3. Practice Mindfulness

When there is no chance of you stepping out of your home, nor is there any physical interaction. It is better to practice some mindfulness. You can do this by focusing on your thoughts and making sure that you get the right ones. Mindful experience helps to stay positive and go through the difficult phase of isolation during COVID-19 infection. Try to deal with your problems mentally so that you do not take stress about it always. Breathing exercises and helpful to fight negative thoughts as well as Omicron infection. 

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4. Try to Indulge in Self-Care

Since there is not much scope of going out and spending time with your friends and family. It is the best time to focus on yourself and try to have a good self care routine that can help you remain enthusiastic and feel good about yourself. It will also aid in recovery process as you could have a sense of satisfaction and positive vibes from within. Self care routine means to do what you love and take care of your mind and body. You can do this by doing the following things- 

  • Taking to your friends over calls 
  • Taking long baths
  • Doing some skin care experiments
  • Taking care of personal hygiene
  • Eating nutritious good food


5. Learn Some Skills

Home isolation also gives you an opportunity to learn something new. This can involve cooking or cleaning or it can also involve some real time problem solving skills. Try to indulge in some crash course or cook something which you like. Plan your routine in such a way that you learn something new and happening each day which motivates you for the next day. Activities and learning process never stops, and grab this opportunity to make the best out of it.

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