Is It Healthy? Know Benefits & Effects From An Expert

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Apples For Diabetes: Is It Healthy? Know Benefits & Effects From An Expert

Diet is directly proportional to health and this can be determined by variety of problems being tackled with the help of nutritious diet. One of the major diseases that people are now quite often falling for is Diabetes. This is a condition where your sugar levels are affected and it usually becomes high. In order to control and nullify the increases glucose levels in the blood, insulin is taken. However there is no treatment which can totally cure diabetes yet. Apples that are said to be one of the healthiest fruits can affect blood sugar levels as well. Let us check if apples can actually aid in reducing the blood sugar levels to keep diabetes in control.

Effect of Apples on Diabetes

We spoke to clinical nutrition Ms. Shilpa Singh from Fatima Hospital, Lucknow to know about effect of apples of diabetic person. She said that apples have carbohydrates that have a varied affect on your body than other carbs food. It does not have refined and processed sugar that is usually present in other carbohydrate foods, rather it affects the blood sugar of the body in a way that result is positive. 


It has antioxidants, vitamin C and Fibre which is beneficial for the diabetic person and provides better control over body. However, it is recommended not to peel the apples before giving it to diabetic patients as it does affect the glycemic index. Largely studies have shown a positive effect of apples of diabetes and are considered a safe food to regulate insulin and glucose levels in the body.

Benefits of Apples in Diabetes

1. Apples are filling foods

Eating an apple a day surely helps to regulate your calorie count. It is highly nutritious and has around 100 calories which is sufficient for a diabetic person as evening or morning snacks. Apples are also filling food; this means that they give a feeling of fullness which helps to reduce the calorie intake of the whole day. It has several antioxidants, fibre and vitamin C which is also useful in conditioning of the skin. Apples can optimize your daily nutrition and can thus be added to your diet. 

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2. It has moderate affect on blood sugar level

Yes, apples do contain sugar which is present in the form of fructose. Being natural sugar it does not have a big impact on the blood sugar levels in the body. Infact fructose helps to slow down the digestion process and absorption of sugar in the blood stream that is beneficial to regulate the blood sugar levels in the body. 

Apart from this, apples also have polyphones, which is a plant compound that is found in apples. This also has positive effect on glucose levels and digestion process of the body. Due to low glycemic index and glycemic load, it is considered a good option for diabetic people.


3. Apples may reduce insulin resistance

Apples also show a positive effect on different types of diabetes. All three types of diabetes get affected on their insulin levels, which apple helps to reduce. Polyphenols present in apples also help cells take in sugar and stimulate pancreas response. This aids in releasing the necessary insulin.

Type 1 Diabetes in a condition of autoimmune disorder, in this disorder the pancreas does not produce insulin in sufficient quantity because of which hormones are affected. Also the cells are not able to produce good amount of insulin in the body. Eating apples on a regular basis can reduce insulin resistance and help t control blood sugar problems. 

In Type-2 diabetes, which is most common in people, the body does not produce insulin that is needed. It also has cellular resistance to insulin because of which diabetes continues for almost forever. Apples can again be helpful in tackling the insulin resistance. 

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4. Prevents Diabetic Risks

There are plenty of risk factors associated with diabetes that may lead the person into complications. Antioxidants present in apples may aid in lowering the risk of diabetes and controlling cardiovascular diseases that may arise because of this situation. Especially in people suffering from type-2 diabetes, it is necessary to get have apples that can help to control harmful chemical reactions occurring in the body. Antioxidants in apples also aid in preventing you from getting chronic diseases and conditions. Three antioxidants those are most beneficial in this process are-

  • Phlorizin- helps in sugar absorption in the body and lowers blood sugar. 
  • Chlorogenic acid that aids in controlling sugar in blood
  • Quercetin, which slows carbs digestion and prevent spike in sugar levels


Should People with Diabetes eat Apples?

According to nutritionist, apples are a very good choice for patients having diabetes. It is essential for diabetic people to have one apple each day in their diet that can help them keep their insulin and blood sugar levels in control. Not only this but it can also prevent them from falling for complex disorder related to heart and pancreas which could poses a threat to their health. Apples have nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fibre that build it as a strong preposition to have it during diabetes and related issues.

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