Is Bathing After Meals Healthy? Find More Such Dos and Don’ts After Meals

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Is Bathing After Meals Healthy? Find More Such Dos and Don'ts After Meals

You must have heard your parents saying that you should not eat just before you are going to bath. More than often we do as advised and not give much attention to it. But have you wondered why is it said so? More than that is it really true that having shower after a meal can have a bad effect on your health. To find out answers for all the queries related to bathing and diet links, we have this article, verified by nutritionist Ms. Shilpa Singh, Clinical Nutritionist from Fatima Hospital, Lucknow. She also tells about problems and facts related to eating after particular meals and its association to health.

Is it Safe to bath after a meal?

It looks very appealing to have a nice warm bath after fulfilling your stomach with some tasty food. However according to nutritionist, it should be avoided because it can cause some problems to your health. Having bath after a heavy meal in particular could cause indigestion because of the functioning of the digestive system. This may affect your health in many ways; it majorly causes stomach cramps and problems in digestion. 


Why is it eating after meal bad?

If we get into scientific logic behind this, the process of taking warm bath is called hyperthermic action that gets stimulated in your body. This is a process which increases the temperature inside your body by approximately 2 degrees. As a result of this, it affects your digestion process and balance of enzymes present in your stomach. 

If we talk in general terms, it has the following effect on your body-

  1. It stimulates your immune response 
  2. It relaxes your nervous system 
  3. Stimulates your sweat glands that flush the harmful toxins from your body

When you bath after a meal, these processes are not able to take place, and as a result it can increase your temperature and disbalanced the blood flow going to the digestive organs. Taking bath can also increase your heart rate thus causing an uncomfortable feeling in your stomach. Having bath after meals confuses your brain that makes it difficult for the body to perform a particular task.

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Effects of Showering after meals

  • It can create sluggishness 
  • Increases blood flow in the digestive tract
  • Increases body temperature by 1-2 degree
  • It causes bloating in the body 
  • Increases risk of cramps and puts pressure on your chest
  • Increases chances of heartburn


Is cold shower after eating healthy?

So taking it straight forward, it is less harmful than taking shower in the hot water, but this does not mean it is totally safe. It can still create digestive issues and a little pain but immune problems or diseases can be prevented. 

It does not elevate your or divert your blood flow but it does affect your digestive organs in the process. Cold shower after a meal can be positive in a relation that it can improve your metabolic process in the body to a good extent. As you burn more calories, then it can help your get fit as well in minimal cases.

How Long Should You Wait to Eat Before Bathing?

It is recommended to eat atleast 20 minutes before taking a bath because it can otherwise interrupt your natural digestive process. Especially in this winter season, when warm baths are common, try to have it half an hour early to keep a safe spot. Exact timeline cannot be distinguished as rate of digestion is different for every individual.  

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What other activities should be avoided around meals?

1. Brushing your teeth right after meals in not healthy

Yes it may come as a surprise to you but brushing right after a meal is not recommended. This is because the particles of food present in your mouth are highly acidic at times. Because of getting mixed with saline juices that come in contact with fluoride, another acidic compound that could damage your enamel when your brush your teeth. Hence you must wait for atleast 30 minutes after meals for brushing. 

2. Swimming 

There have been some studies that suggest that swimming after eating can also impact your health. This is because your body temperature rises after eating a heavy meal, and it can affect your digestive process when you get inside water. The blood volume can take a dip resulting to poor digestion process and reduces metabolism.

3. Do not exercise just after having food

Well according to nutritionist, this is dependent term. It is so because some food can increase your workout performance whereas majority of food items and meals can disrupt your digestive process if you exercise just after that. It can be put it in a way that eating small quantity and calorie deficit diet does not much harm but medical expert must be consulted. Ideal time to work out should be around 45 minutes after having a meal. 

4. Sleeping just after Dinner

Going to sleep just after dinner is also not healthy because when you are asleep, then the digestive process along with all the other systems slows down. This decreases your metabolic rate, and slows down digestion. Apart from this there are chances that food particles may get stuck in the lining of oesophagus that later creates acid in the stomach, resulting in constipation.

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