How To Relax Within Few Minutes?

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As box breathing can be done in any position, it is a handy solution for tackling anxiety at work or on public transport, or any other time you need to calm down or relax.

It also does not require a big release of air or a long, conspicuous breath. The time it takes to inhale is the same as the time it takes to exhale.

The most important thing in box breathing is maintaining the alignment of the spine, neck and head to aim for a straight back and proper posture whether in a sitting, standing or lying down position.

The objective of this breathing technique is to stay relaxed but focused. If practiced before going to sleep, it can help you nod off more easily.

In this technique, we should use abdominal muscles to help breathe in and out. Belly or diaphragmatic breathing will allow you to manage stress, concentrate better and sleep better.

Then, start a cycle – inhale through your nose, hold your breath, exhale, then hold your breath, in equal timing. Each step should have the same duration.

Beginners are recommended to start with four phases of four seconds. You can then adjust your timing according to your comfort level.

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