How To Deworm Your Child Naturally| Deworming Child Home Remedies

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How Often Should You Deworm Your Child? Know From Doctor

Have you heard of worms in your stomach and the problems they can cause? This is nothing serious if you know how to deworm, particularly with children. Deworming is a process of eliminating parasitic and/or intestinal worms from the body with the help of medicines. More than adults, kids are more prone to getting worms due to their ill habits. But as parents, you should know how to deworm them and how often to deworm child with safe & effective measures. In this article, we have mentioned all the necessary information as provided by Dr. Prashant Moralwar, Consultant Paediatrician, Motherhood Hospital Kharghar

Deworming symptoms in children

If you fail to deworm intestinal worms in the child then he/she can face serious health problems. It is the need of the hour for parents to watch out for signs such as:

  • abdominal pain
  • Vomiting
  • weight loss
  • Diarrhoea

These symptoms can also arise due to other health issues including food poisoning or indigestion and so, you must seek pediatric help to find the actual problem(s). Consult the doctor and get timely medical attention. Doing so can help your child to stay healthy and hearty.

Why do children get worms?

Just like adults, children are at a greater risk of getting infected by worms. Yes, you have heard it right!

how often deworm child

  • Children will encounter worm infections owing to poor hygiene and lack of sanitization.
  • Having contaminated water can invite the infestation of worms in your kids.
  • Having undercooked meat, fruits, and vegetable infected with worms can also lead to worms.

So, it will be imperative for children to get dewormed after the age of two, twice a year. Those children having the worms’ problems will exhibit symptoms such as stomach pain, redness or rash on the buttocks, poor appetite, unintentional weight loss, vomiting, bloody stool, fatigue, frequent urination, and painful urination.

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How To Deworm Child Naturally?

Parents need to take these measures to deworm child naturally to make sure that he/she stay safe:

how often deworm child

  • Ensure that children stick to good personnel hygiene like washing hands using water and soap before eating, after going to lo, after touching the pet, and playing outdoors.
  • You will have to educate the child about good hygiene practices.
  • Do not allow the child to eat unwashed fruits, vegetables, and salads.
  • The child should only drink boiled water.
  • The child should not share the water bottle with anyone.
  • The child only needs to have cooked food. The child should not be barefoot when outdoors.

Know about the consequences of worm infections: Children with low immunity are prone to infestation of intestinal worms. Malnutrition, intestinal blockage, a hindrance to the healthy growth of children, weight loss, and anaemia, are some concerns resulting from worm infections.

Deworming child home remedies

Here are three home remedies that can parents can try to deworm their child without medication.

Turmeric water

how often deworm child

Turmeric is a powerhouse of antioxidants and antiseptic properties. This is great for both internal and external uses. Intestinal worms can be easily treated with giving turmeric water to the child. Simply mix a pinch of turmeric powder with warm water and make your child drink it. Give this regularly for 5 days to get relief.

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Carom Seeds/ Ajwain

Ajwain or carom seeds are great for digestive health. It can aid intestinal or parasitic worms in children. Since this has a slightly pungent taste, kids may not like it let alone consume it easily. Thus, you should find yummy ways to feed them ajwain. Mixing crushed carom seeds with jaggery powder is the best combination. Jaggery would cover the unlikely taste of carom seeds as well as boost digestion.

Pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin seeds are healthy and also good for stomach health. Give a handful of pumpkin seeds to your kid to eat daily. These seeds are helpful in killing and eliminating worms and parasites from the body.


Treatment of worms depends on the type of worms and symptoms in your kid. Tapeworms mat go away on their own if the child adheres to healthy eating and builds a strong immune system. However, parents need to consult the doctor as parasitic worms lay eggs inside the body and keep multiplying if left untreated for long. So, be vigilant when it comes to the child’s health. Some worms require treatment of whole family simultaneously. It is advisable to deworm kids twice a year.

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