How Does Air Pollution Increase Blood Pressure?

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Researchers have carried out a study, where 1103 people aged between 18 and 83 took part. None of the participants presented high blood pressure hypertension at the start of the study (2008-2010), and they were monitored until 2016-17.

The participants were assigned air pollution concentrations for particulate matter, obtained through combined modeling, with measurements taken at air quality stations. During this period, 282 cases of incident high blood pressure were recorded.

The study has been carried out in collaboration with the air pollution department of the Research Centre for Energy, Environment, and Technology (CIEMAT).

As explained by Sergio Valds, CIBERDEM researcher at the IBIMA and endocrinologist at Hospital Regional Universitario de Mlaga, “Several previous studies have described the short- and long-term association of ambient air pollutants with hypertension and blood pressure levels, but few studies have addressed the association between long-term exposure to these particles and the incidence of hypertension in a prospective manner. Therefore, this study has offered us the opportunity to do so in the Spanish population”.

This study data is consistent with a large body of evidence suggesting that air pollution may contribute to the pathogenesis of hypertension. It also supports the idea that the particulate component of air pollution is the greatest threat to the cardiovascular system.

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