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IHU COVID-19 Variant: Here Is Everything You Should Know

Corona virus cases and spiking once again and there is a high probability that it can create problems with the upcoming variants as well. COVID-19 virus has different mutations according to which the variants are decided. The latest addition to this is IHU variant which has close to 46 mutations, one of highest till now.  This was discovered in a few cases of France and hence it has created a buzz over the world about another COVID-19 wave. Currently world is suffering from third wave of corona virus that is led by omicron variant. Hence let us know all about IHU variant and should we be worried about this variant?

IHU COVID-19 Variant 

This variant has been first located in France on October 2021, and since then there have been a few cases of this COVID-19 variant till now. According to World Health Organisation, there is no concerning issues about this variant that you need to be worried of. The cases also have been less and thus the spread has not increased after a few people having this case. IHU variant is called B.1.640.2, this name is according to the mutations that occur of corona virus. IHU variant is named after “Institut Hospitalier Universitaire”, the place where the cases were detected. Most of cases of this variant were detected in first few weeks of November, after which only one sample of this variant of COVID-19 has been found. 


IHU Variant Vs Omicron

There has been lot of buzz about this variant being more dangerous or harmful than omicron variant of COVID-19. Interestingly, Omicron variant was also officially identified there, hence the tensions are increasing. However many studies have confirmed that this variant is not as transmissible like omicron variant, hence the surge of IHU COVID-19 is very less. This variant is more like popping variants which we have seen a number of examples which occur to a few people and then vanish. So to be precise, IHU variant is not as problematic as Omicron or Delta variant whose cases a rising at a rapid rate in almost every corner of the world. 

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Symptoms of IHU COVID-19

It is hard to tell the exact symptoms because not many people have been affected. But those who have got infected had mild respiratory symptoms such as-

  • Difficulty in breathing
  • Increased tiredness
  • Lung problems
  • Persistent Cough 
  • Congestion

Who has been affected by IHU COVID-19 variant?

The new corona virus variant that is calling for a cause of concern was first identified in a vaccinated person who has come from Southern France to Cameroon. According to health officials of that state, that person was vaccinated and was monitored for general screening for corona virus. The health officials told that the virus could have affected him from Central Africa as he had a travel history of those states. 


11 people got sick because of IHU COVID-19 variant and all of them had travelled from destinations linked to the first person who got infected of this corona virus. All of them were hospitalised and monitored for sampling and virus mutations. 

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Should you be Worried About IHU COVID variant?

According to researchers going through the mutations and study of B.1.640.2 virus, they have said that it seems unlikely that this variant is going to spread in too many people. However not much can be said and there are still studies going on that if this virus mutation spreads, can the vaccine be effective against it. 

WHO however has claimed that there is nothing much to worry about IHU variant of corona virus as it has not shown a spread till now. Omicron is much more transmissible and stronger virus which is spreading rapidly and we must focus on that right now. WHO has asked everyone to stay alert and take necessary precautions to avoid being infected with COVID-19 virus. Also take vaccinations as soon as possible to avoid complications.

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