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Physical Activity Is Crucial For Babies, Toddlers: Here Are Exercises For Them

When your baby is born, you try to provide all the care and nourishment that you possibly can. That care and nourishment must include physical activity. As these are formative years for any person, ample exercise is crucial for growth and development. Although the need for physical activity is the same, its kind and intensity vary as your baby gets old. A newborn who is unable to move around much would certainly need different kinds of exercises than the highly-energetic toddlers whom you try to calm down. However, physical activity of any intensity, whether light to vigorous, should be encouraged for the proper growth and development of your child. 

Exercises For Babies (0-1 Years)

Newborn exercises you can try

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The UK’s National Health Service (NHS) recommends the following for babies:

  • Let them be as physically active as possible and encourage crawling.
  • If your baby is not crawling yet, there are myriad methods you can employ.
  • Do things to encourage them to reach out or grasp. You can encourage them to reach out for a toy.
  • Also, make scenarios for them so that they push and pull with their limbs.
  • Also, encourage them, through various means, to move their head, limbs, and body.
  • Also, try to include at least 30 minutes of tummy spread. 
  • And, once they grow enough to move around, do not bar them from physical activities. Instead, encourage them to move around as much as possible.

Exercise For Toddlers (1-2 Years)

Exercises your toddler can do

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  • This is the age when your baby has developed enough to move around. He/she might be extremely active. If not, encourage your child to be so for his/her development’s sake. Here is what the UK NHS recommends:
  • Toddlers who are 1-2 years of age should get at least 180 minutes of exercise daily.
  • As a parent, you must encourage them to stay as physically active as possible, which includes playing outdoors. It means you might have to take some steps to cut down their TV and video game time.
  • Activities almost every toddler can do are moving around, playing, and rolling. Encourage them for these.
  • Apart from these, encourage them for more vigorous activities like jumping, hopping, running, and skipping. These are beneficial for every aspect of their physical health.
  • Fun and vigorous activities that you can encourage them to participate in include climbing a bar or a tree, cycling, playing in the water, and general games they can play with their friends and family, like chasing and running games. Since these are extremely fun, it’ll encourage them to do these more, helping them to be physically fit.

As children grow older, they spend a lot of time on phones, TV, and video games. It is generally the case since the COVID pandemic forced people to stay indoors. However, being physically inactive can lead to weight gain, which can make him/her prone to several health issues. It can also impact growth and development and impact the coming years considerably. Hence, encourage them to exercise more. Being physically active as a parent can help a great deal as kids tend to ape the elders.

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