Hepatitis Cause Remains a Mystery

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The UK has the highest number of identified cases at 197, while the US has 180, most of which have been severe enough to require hospitalization.

Although more cases are being recognized, the cause is still a medical mystery.

“The playing field is changing on an hour-to-hour basis,” said Jason Kindrachuk, an assistant professor in medical microbiology and infectious diseases at the University of Manitoba and co-author of a new commentary on the status of these cases.

“Inch by inch, we’re starting to figure out what this problem is,” Kindrachuk said. “But I don’t think we have all those pieces of the puzzle yet to say, ‘OK, this is what we think is going on.'”

Hepatitis In Children

While mild liver inflammation isn’t uncommon among children, severe inflammation like this is. Normally the UK has eight to 10 liver transplants each year, but is has already passed those numbers, with 11 in only three months, The Guardian reported.

Globally, 26 patients – 15 in the US – have required liver transplants. Nearly half of the deaths – five out of 11 so far – have occurred in the US, although the nation accounts for only one-third of identified cases.

The first cases in the US were reported in Alabama, but after the CDC issued a nationwide alert, cases were found in 36 states and territories.

Several possible causes are being investigated. This could be a new virus that hasn’t yet been unidentified. Or it could be an existing virus, or existing viruses grouped together, causing new symptoms.

Covid infections have been widespread in children, and many of the patients are too young to be vaccinated against Covid. The CDC estimates that 75% of American children have had the virus.

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