Gooseberry for healthy hair

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Normally gooseberry is very healthy for the body. It also helps a lot in keeping the skin and hair healthy. Gooseberry is mostly used in Ayurveda.

Because it is high in anti-oxidants and vitamins, they help to keep the body healthy by giving the right solution to the problems that occur in the body. Such gooseberry is rich not only in physical benefits but also in beauty benefits.

Many people nowadays use amla / gooseberry oil and gooseberry-based henna. Because gooseberry has the benefit of increasing hair growth, preventing hair loss and growing thicker hair.

And if you drink gooseberry juice daily, your skin will look beautiful and radiant. This is because they completely flush out the toxins in the body. If such gooseberries are used in hair care, let’s see what problems are all right.

Hair Loss Daily gooseberry oil massage on the scalp for 45 minutes and then on the scalp can help prevent hair loss.

Dense hair
If the hair is not dense, then instead of curling the hair and doing a new hairstyle, if you use gooseberry oil, the hair will be thicker. Otherwise, mix gooseberry powder with zucchini powder and henna and apply it on the scalp to thicken the hair.
Dandruff Dandruff is one of the most common head problems. If gooseberry is used to get rid of such problem, the head will be well cleansed and without dandruff.
Hair Conditioner Gooseberry is a natural hair conditioner. So if you put this on your head and take a bath, it will be like putting conditioner on your head.
Hair loss can be caused by stress, digestive problems and unhealthy diet. So to prevent this, you can drink gooseberry juice daily and apply gooseberry oil to prevent gray hair.

If there is excessive itching on the head, mix it with gooseberry powder and yoghurt, apply on the scalp, soak for 30 minutes and then apply a mild shampoo to remove the itching on the scalp.
Hair Growth When gooseberry is applied to the scalp, it keeps the hair follicles healthy and enhances hair growth.
Loss of Hair Due to lack of adequate hair care and excessive pollution, the hair becomes dull. So fix this and strengthen the hair, if you use gooseberry, you will get good result.
Hair discoloration is caused by an unhealthy lifestyle such as dry hair and discoloration. Therefore, it is necessary to apply gooseberry oil daily and maintain the hair so that the color of the hair does not change at a young age.

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