Genetic Variants Linked to Oral Cancer Discovered

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Further, the analysis of mutations gave out a list of unique genes associated with 114 novel variants, of which 35 were oncogenes, 11 were tumour suppressors, and 2 DNA damage repair genes.

Currently, even after the best treatment, oral cancer is found to recur in up 50 per cent of cases.

But the new research would make it possible to provide treatment in an effective way such that the disease does not recur and enables precise treatment with improved quality of life, said Prof. Vibha Choudhary, from IBAB, in a statement.

The researchers have also identified novel mutations in the IRAK1 gene, which would pave the way to provide target-directed treatment without affecting the healthy cells in the body.

The findings would guide towards cell-targeted personalized treatment, the researchers said.

Source: IANS

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