Fragile X Syndrome Treatment Will be Changed by 2030

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Unfortunately, there is no cure or approved therapies available for FXS patients. This leaves patients reliant on the use of off-label products that target individual symptoms of the disease.

The current FXS treatments consist mainly of genericized drugs, which are used to target psychiatric and neurological symptoms.

It includes selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors for depressive symptoms and anxiety; stimulants such as methylphenidate for hyperactivity, inattention and impulsivity; antipsychotic medication for aggression; and anticonvulsant agents for seizures.

Christie Wong, Neurology Analyst at GlobalData, comments: “There are a number of exciting pipeline drugs for the treatment of FXS that will transform the market over the next decade”.

GlobalData expects Zynerba Pharmaceuticals’ Zygel will be the first to market, with a primary completion date for its Phase III trial expected in September 2023.

Zygel could offer an important therapeutic option for patients who are the most severely impacted with FXS and could bring in sales of $18.1 million by 2030.

The upcoming release of Tetra Therapeutics’ zatolmilast, Neuren Pharmaceuticals’ and Acadia Pharmaceuticals’ trofinetide, and Confluence Pharmaceuticals’ acamprosate calcium are expected to transform the market, boasting diverse mechanisms of action (MOA).

Together, these will help create a new dynamic market with a variety of options for FXS patients.

There is a need for novel drugs with improved safety and efficacy profiles as many FXS patients are being treated with a number of different drugs to help alleviate their individual sets of symptoms.

Furthermore, many of the currently used drugs have a boxed warning due to the high risk of abuse potential and dependence.

The pipeline agents for FXS demonstrate a variety of MOAs and are expected to expand the FXS treatment options in the US and Germany.

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