Foods that should not be given to a child up to one year of age

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Breast milk alone is sufficient for the first six months after the baby is born. The first year the baby is born is known to parents as a great achievement. But only now do you need to be very careful. Mainly be careful what we feed the baby. Not all foods that are healthy for us are necessarily healthy for the baby.

So give the baby only what food is healthy for the baby. Some foods are given in this area, do not give all these foods until the child is one year old.

Like cow’s milk or soy milk is one of the most difficult to digest for children. There is also a risk that the protein and minerals in these milk may affect the baby’s kidneys. In addition, some children may be lactose intolerant. It can cause diarrhea in children. So you can breastfeed. Or you can give breast milk in a bottle.

Citrus fruits
Strawberries, blueberries and blackberries are high in protein. These are not easily digested by the baby. Fruits like grapes and oranges are high in acidity. This can give children psoriasis or stomach upset.

Honey is a source of bacteria. It is not suitable for children. It causes constipation in children. As well as other liquid desserts are also not suitable for children. Liquid sweets and maple syrup can cause the same problem for the baby.

Pinot Butter
It is derived from groundnut. This peanut butter can also cause allergies in children. So it is better to give all this to your baby after he is a little older.

Some vegetables
Greens, beetroot, etc. are high in lactose. This is a very dangerous food for children under one year of age. Children do not secrete enough acid to digest the nutrients in it. So you should not give vegetables like this to children.

For children, just one gram of salt a day is enough. Your breast milk contains the salt your baby needs. So do not endanger children by giving them any substance mixed with salt.

Do not give whole nuts such as almonds and cashews to children. These can cause allergies. These can put children at even greater risk than you can imagine. So do not give nuts like this to children for any reason.

All children love chocolate. But the caffeine in chocolate is one of the most dangerous for children.

Not only this, with the help of dairy products babies are not allowed. So you can stop giving these until the baby grows up

Popcorn is a delicious food. It is a whole and a healthy snack. This is something that everyone likes. But it is also very dangerous for children. Please do not give popcorn to a baby under 12 months.

Eggs are the most suitable food to eat in the morning. But the white of the egg can give the baby an allergy. If you want to give your baby an egg, you can completely remove the egg white and cook only the yolk.

0-4 months
Breast milk provides all the nutrients a baby needs. This is because breast milk is high in immunity. And that’s it. In addition, the breast milk should be given for at least four months.

Thus all their organs will be strengthened and the digestive tract will start functioning well.

Up to 4-6 months
If after four months the baby seems to be paying attention to eating a different food, then a tablespoon of boiled sugar should be well mashed with potatoes, carrots, apples, bananas, peaches.

How to know their interest in it, if they are breastfeeding 8-10 times a day and they are hungry, then these foods can be given after a while after breastfeeding. That too should give a table spoon.

Up to 6-8 months
During these months, while breastfeeding, you can slowly give mashed rice, vegetables and legumes while giving fruits. Even so, you can start giving them 3-9 tablespoons of Sherlock, 2-3 servings of breastmilk and 1/4 or 1/2 cup of steamed vegetables.

In doing so, children should be carefully monitored from time to time to see if they have any allergies to those foods. If so, eat that immediately

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