Food Systems Linked to 21-37% Of Greenhouse Gas Emissions

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“In fact, in a scenario where emissions from all other sources are halted, emissions from the global food system alone will contribute enough GHGs to heat up the planet above the 1.5 degrees Celsius target,” it said.

Vibha Varshney of Down To Earth said, while it is true that plants remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere through photosynthesis, they also release large amounts of the gas when decomposing.

The report was released here at CSE’s 2022 Anil Agarwal Dialogue by Union Environment, Forest and Climate Change Minister Bhupender Yadav. The statistics about food and GHGs has been put together recently by a group of researchers from the UK and the US.

She added: “The EAT-Lancet Commission on Food, Planet and Health – a gathering of 37 scientists from 16 nations – has set global targets for food systems that are environmentally sustainable and benefit human health. The commission has proposed a Planetary Health Diet that could reduce urban emissions by 60 per cent in 10 years.”

The CSE-Down To Earth report refers to a September 2020 assessment by UNEP which says reducing land-use change and conversion of natural habitat alone could lower emissions by 4.6 gigatonne of carbon dioxide equivalent (GtCO2e).

Varshney added: “A dramatic transformation of dietary practices is recommended to decarbonise the food sector. But it is easier said than done. The pathways to achieve that goal are not as clear as they are for, say, generation of electricity. Carbon emissions are integral to the biological system. Besides, one cannot stop eating.”

“There are also financial considerations at play. The most affordable of the EAT-Lancet Commission’s ‘planetary health diet’ exceeds the household per capita income of 1.58 billion people,” said Richard Mahapatra, managing editor of Down To Earth. Additionally, business interests that have played a role in shaping modern industrial food can make the transition difficult as well.

There are also fears that this focus on plant-based diets might prompt other emitters to shirk responsibility and put the onus of reducing emissions on the individual.

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