First Aid Kits Distributed for Free by Mumbai’s Wockhardt Hospitals

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Every household
should have a first aid kit so that basic treatment can be provided to an
injured person before actual help reaches in the form of a physician or
ambulance. Considering the importance of this kit, Wockhardt Hospitals, Mumbai
Central has distributed 2000 first aid kits along with a first aid guide
booklet in South Mumbai. Wockhardt is a 350-bedded multi-specialty tertiary
care hospital in Mira Road, in South Mumbai.


‘Two thousand first aid kits were distributed to the general public to raise awareness about medication and first aid.’

Dr. Parag Rindani

Q. What is the purpose of distributing free first aid kits?

Ans. The purpose is to have a social responsibility to change people’s
knowledge on first aid kit. It may sound unpleasant, but the reality is
accidents do occur. An accident can occur anywhere, whether you are traveling,
or at home or anywhere else. That is why it is important that people should be
educated on how to handle any medical emergency and also have knowledge on
basic treatment before medical help could arrive.

Q. What does the first aid kit contain?

Ans. It is a simple kit that includes cotton, bandage, electral powder
and antiseptic medication. The kit also contains a first aid booklet that
provides guidelines on basic treatment for burns, sprain, cuts, and sting. Our
community medical service team had personally visited every house and gave
first aid demo to the residents.

Q. Which segment of people is targeted?

Ans. We are targeting all the segment of people irrespective of class
because it is very important for everyone to have knowledge of how to use the
first aid kit during an emergency.

Q. Is this the first campaign?

Ans. Yes, it is the first campaign. We have distributed two thousand
free first aid kits, though it is not a large number, it is a small initiative
to reach the community and implement knowledge on the importance of first aid.

Q. Are you planning to expand this campaign throughout the

Ans. Yes, we are planning on expanding this initiative to other areas
in Mumbai. In this initiative, we have distributed free first aid kits in
Lalbaug, Parel & Pedder road in South Mumbai zone.

Q. In what way can a commoner benefit from this campaign?

Ans. The campaign is focused on the common man to deliver timely help
in case of an emergency. The first aid kit can be used in such cases to provide
basic treatment immediately following accidents at home or on the road.

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